Tori Spelling And Dean McDermott Welcome Fifth Child

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott welcomed their newborn son into the world on Thursday. Beau Dean McDermott is the fifth child for Tori and sixth child for her husband Dean. Spelling shared the news on her social media accounts.

Tori’s announcement came just two days after Spelling shared a baby bump photo with the world.

The birth of Beau McDermott is a highlight for Tori and Dean who have been facing very public struggles in recent years. Tori and Dean began their relationship when both were married to other people. After divorcing their first spouses, Spelling and McDermott married in 2006 and Tori gave birth to their first child Liam in March of 2007.

Tori and Dean went on to have two daughters and another son within four years. Spelling’s pregnancy with her fourth child, Finn, was plagued with complications and the Beverly Hills 90210 actress nearly lost her life. According to ABC News, Tori discovered she was suffering from placenta previa halfway through her pregnancy with Finn, a condition in which the placenta lies over the opening of the cervix. The condition can cause significant bleeding and the death of both the baby and mother if not treated properly. Spelling was ordered to bed rest and Finn was delivered several weeks early.

The bed rest and medical bills along with the stress of several young children in a short period of time took a toll on Spelling and McDermott’s finances. Rumors circulated that the couple was bankrupt with several accounts in collections. There was constant speculation that Tori had blown the fortune of her father, television producer Aaron Spelling, until it was revealed that Spelling got a paltry sum of only $800,000 of the $600 million estate.

Just a year after Finn’s birth, a scandal nearly broke up their marriage when it was revealed that Dean McDermott had been caught cheating on Tori while working in Canada as the host of Chopped Canada. According to the Los Angeles Times, Spelling found out about the affair through her publicist who called to warn her that news outlets would be breaking the story the week of Christmas.

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott, pictured here with their children Liam, Stella, Hattie, and Finn, welcomed a fifth child on March 2. [Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]

Many wondered if Spelling and McDermott would be able to overcome the affair, and Tori and Dean shared the journey of their reconciliation with fans through the reality series True Tori on Lifetime. The show lasted two seasons but suffered from poor ratings. Dean, who had entered rehab at one point, also admitted to being hesitant to returning for a third season as McDermott felt the reality show was detrimental to his recovery from drug, alcohol, and sex addiction. The production of True Tori concluded with the fate of their marriage being up in the air, however, McDermott and Spelling appeared to be on the path to staying together.

During and after the taping of True Tori, Spelling also had the misfortune of suffering from several medical issues and Tori was frequently hospitalized for migraines. In 2015, Spelling suffered second and third degree burns after falling at a Benihana restaurant.

Given Tori’s risk factors of prior pregnancy problems and her current age of 43, fans of Spelling and McDermott were shocked to discover the couple was expecting a fifth child together. Tori told People, “It was a total surprise but we always wanted a big family. I’m really excited.”

All of Tori’s previous pregnancies were delivered by c-section. Spelling revealed little about the delivery of Beau other than that he was born at 1:48 p.m. on March 2. Judging by the fact that Tori was able to post to social media, it seems that everything went well.

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