‘Dragon Ball Super’ News: Ultimate Gohan To Surpass His Father In Tournament?

Dragon Ball Super is currently on its grandest arc to date, and while the Tournament of Power has not officially started, the pieces of the greatest battle the DBS multiverse has ever seen are falling into place. With new characters and powerful new opponents, the heroes of the long-running franchise are in for several epic battles. If a new leak is to be believed, one of the key players in the upcoming tournament would be no other than Gohan, Goku’s firstborn son.

A page from a recent V-Jump issue, translated by Dragon Ball Super fan-translator Todd Blankenship, teased a number of new characters who will be playing a huge role in the Universe Survival Arc. While the page prominently featured a number of Gods of Destruction who would be playing a big role in the current saga, a particularly interesting part of the magazine’s page was focused on Goku’s firstborn son.

What is interesting is that Gohan appears to be heading towards a new transformation, as well as a return to his mystic roots. The Japanese magazine provided a profile for the young Saiyan in the Tournament of Power, including what was stated to be Gohan’s new Ultimate form. Here is a direct translation of the V-Jump release.

“Gohan awakens?! This time Gohan is super-serious!! These design images we secretly obtained show “Ultimate” Gohan, with his dormant power unlocked!! You can tell just by looking that he’s on a different level!! The strong Gohan of old who surpassed his father has returned!!”

With this, it appears that Dragon Ball Super is giving Gohan’s fans exactly what they have been asking for. Since Gohan was nerfed early on in Dragon Ball Super, the character’s fanbase has been consistently demanding that the Saiyan be returned to his old fighting form. After all, Goku’s firstborn son has had a long history of fighting, participating in battles against Frieza back in Dragon Ball Z, and going toe-to-toe with Buu later on in the iconic ’90s series.

Gohan’s return as a formidable fighter has been teased by Dragon Ball Super for a while now. As early as the final episode of the Future Trunks saga, the re-emergence of the fighter’s iconic Mystic form was teased, and over the course of the anime’s following fillers, several clues were left regarding the return of Gohan to the battlefield. Considering the recent leaks, however, it appears that DBS is indeed bringing back the Gohan that everyone knows and loves.

The V-Jump report’s description of the “Gohan who surpassed his father” is a particularly heavy statement, considering that his father, Son Goku, is ridiculously powerful at this point in the anime. Thus, if Gohan could surpass his father once more, there is a very good chance that the fighter would play a massive role in the upcoming Tournament of Power.

Apart from this, the mention of the fighter’s dormant power being unlocked is something that appears to be very pertinent. After all, the unlocking of the character’s true potential as a fighter is what brought about Gohan’s most iconic development in Dragon Ball Z. Fans, however, noted that the V-Jump report for Gohan’s “Ultimate” form was quite different than the character’s popular design back in DBZ.

Despite the character’s different design for DBS, however, one thing appears to be very evident in the V-Jump report. Dragon Ball Super‘s Ultimate Gohan would be extremely powerful, and his strength would most likely rival that of his father’s and Vegeta’s by the end of the Universe Survival Arc.

Dragon Ball Super is currently in its grandest and most epic arc since the franchise debuted 30 years ago. With the most powerful fighters in the DBS multiverse being gathered for the Tournament of Power, fans of the long-running franchise are in for a great ride. One that would most likely go down in anime history as one of the best Dragon Ball sagas to date.

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