Salvador Dali Artwork Donated To Goodwill

An etching by artist Salvador Dali was donated to Goodwill by an anonymous individual, according to CNN.

The framed colored etching is reportedly a Salvador Dali original complete with the artist’s trademark melting watch. The piece, which is entitled “Reflection” or “Reflections,” even comes packaged with Dali’s signature.

Shea Munroe, the woman who sorts through all of the arts and collectibles at Goodwill Industries in Washington state, was familiar with the artist’s work. After doing a bit of research into the piece, Munroe was able to find its letter of authenticity. She was understandably thrilled with the discovery.

“This is probably the real deal,” Munroe said regarding the artwork. “The manager knew who he was right away, and we were both really excited.”

According to The Seattle Times, the organization has no idea who donated the Salvador Dali etching to Goodwill. In fact, tracking down the donor could prove to be a little difficult given the number of people who contribute items on a regular basis.

“We don’t know the background of what the circumstances were. It’s a steady stream of people coming in. It’s not necessarily documented what every person comes in with,” explained Goodwill spokesperson Amanda Bedell.

The Huffington Post reports that Goodwill has put the Salvador Dali etching up for auction on its official website. As of this writing, the artwork is currently at $13,705 with two days left to bid.

As unusual as this situation might sound, this isn’t the first time an expensive item has been donated to Goodwill in and around Tacoma, Washington. In 2011, a Rolex watch sold for around $900. A sterling silver flatware set went for a little over $1,000 back in October.

In 2011, a donated diamond ring fetched an impressive $12,000 when it was put up for sale.

What do you think about the Salvador Dali etching that was donated to Goodwill?

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