Cannibal Frat Boy Tells Dr. Phil He Was ‘Running From Demon’ When He Ate Couple

The video interview with Austin Harrouff, known as the cannibal frat boy killer, is finally being played on the Dr. Phil Show today, and it seems to show Harrouff as someone in the midst of a psychotic break. The interview was done by video phone as Harrouff was still in the hospital at that time. The young man was charged as a cannibal, said he was very sorry for what happened to his victims and claimed that he was not aware what was going on when he left a restaurant with his family and went on a killing spree.

Dr. Phil had stayed close to the case of Austin Harrouff, interviewing his father just after the attacks when it didn’t seem that Harrouff would survive, according to the Inquisitr. In his interview, Dr. Wade Harrouff said his son was either on drugs or had a mental health collapse. Dr. Harrouff cried on the Dr. Phil Show, saying that he did not see an event like this coming.

The Washington Post says that even though Dr. Phil spoke with Austin Harrouff back in October, when he was still in the hospital, it wasn’t played until now. Currently, he is in jail, and he has been charged. Dr. Phil got down to business, wanting to know how Harrouff feels now that he knows what he has done. Austin Harrouff told Dr. Phil that he heard voices, and a demon drove him to leave the restaurant that night.


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Austin Harrouff explained that it is all a nightmare.

“I felt terrible. And I really, really don’t have words to explain how I feel. It’s like, it’s like a nightmare. I’m sorry for their loss. And I hope that you can find it in your heart to forgive me. And I’m so sorry, and I never wanted this to happen.”

Harrouff has now been charged with killing a couple and assaulting the neighbor who attempted to come to their rescue.

Palm Beach Post said that it was Austin Harrouff’s lawyers that pushed to allow the interview to be aired because they believe it shows a human side of their client, and most of the other things in the public eye portrayed him as a maniac. Harrouff’s lawyer, Nellie King, said she did not think there was any reason not to air the video, and this week in court, the judge said it was allowable to air the interview with Dr. Phil.

“Nothing in the video clip provided is prejudicial, and sensationalizing the details of this case pre-trial does nothing to advance justice in the courtroom.”

The Sun-Sentinel said that according to his family, Austin Harrouff had been acting in a bizarre fashion in the days leading up to the tragedy. Harrouff had told his sister that he was immortal, and half man half horse in the days before the attack. Dr. Phil asked Harrouff if he remembers anything, with leading up to the attacks, or about the actual attacks, and he says that the time period is fuzzy.

“I don’t remember fighting or stabbing him. I don’t remember how my hands got like this.”

But he says he does remember stripping off his clothes and drinking something that burned his throat. He says he also remembers grabbing a weapon that turned out to be the murder weapon. Authorities initially thought that Harrouff must have been on drugs, but he insisted he has never taken drugs, and that includes steroids. Extensive testing by the hospital and the FBI proved that Harrouff was telling the truth, as there was no sign of drugs, including Flakka, bath salts, or steroids in his system.

The interview with Dr. Phil, which aired today, did humanize Harrouff, as it showed a college-aged man who seems devastated by the events that occurred that day in Jupiter, Florida.

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