Judge In Casey Anthony Trial Claims She Killed Caylee Anthony By ‘Accident’

The judge who presided over the murder trial of Casey Anthony now believes that the mother may have killed her daughter, Caylee “by accident.”

Belvin Perry, Jr, retired as a judge and works in private law, says that Casey Anthony may have tried to quiet her two-year-old daughter with chloroform, but may have given her too much which resulting in her death.

The prosecutors stated that she murdered the toddler and hid her body in the woods outside of Orlando, Florida, in 2008. However, the defense claimed that Caylee drowned in the family’s swimming pool and Casey panicked and hid the child’s body, Fox News reports.

The judge did not find any fault with the verdict but noted there was evidence presented at the trial which showed Anthony’s online search history of “how to use chloroform as a sedative.”

Judge Belvin Perry speaks during the sentencing hearing for Casey Anthony on charges of lying to a law enforcement officer at the Orange County Courthouse July 7, 2011, in Orlando, Florida. [Image by Joe Burbank-Pool/Getty Images]

“There was a possibility that she may have utilized that to keep the baby quiet… and just used too much of it, and the child died,” former Judge Perry explained.

Perry said that surgeon use chloroform as an anesthetic. He added there were multiple theories about how the drug killed Caylee, but the prosecution didn’t prove any of their theories.

“As I’ve expressed, the only person that really knows what happened was Casey. For whatever reason, people are still fascinated with Casey Anthony.”

“That’s just one of the many theories as to how this beautiful young lady [Caylee] tragically met her death,” the judge explained.

Apparently, the jury heard too many opinions without fully proving any of the theories, which lead the jury to acquit Casey Anthony in 2011. The prosecution claimed that Anthony used chloroform to keep Caylee quiet then suffocated her with duct tape. Perry explains that the chloroform theory was only one of several theories the jury members heard.

Social media exploded with people around the world outraged over Casey’s verdict. [Image by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]

The prosecution believed that Casey wanted to be free from parental responsibilities and murdered her 2-year-old daughter. They sought the death penalty in the case. Casey pleaded not guilty and did not give any details about how her daughter died.

The trial lasted six weeks, and most of the world believed that Casey would get a guilty verdict. Social media was utterly shocked when Anthony was acquitted of all charges but providing false information to law enforcement.

The general public hated Casey Anthony, believing that the prosecution was right and she tried to “ger rid of Caylee.” They couldn’t understand why she wouldn’t admit how her baby died and what lead to her decision to murder her.

According to Oxygen, Anthony’s story was that Caylee drowned in the family pool and her father, George Anthony disposed of the toddler’s body in a nearby woods. It wasn’t until 31 days later that Caylee was reported missing, but it was too late.

The case was very complicated. Judge Perry stated that ultimately the failure to secure a guilty verdict rest in the prosecution’s feet. They did not prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Casey did kill her daughter. The judge thinks if they would have stuck to one theory they may have been able to prove the case.

“The jury was right, there were way too many doubts in this case.”

Perry said that he has felt from the beginning of the Anthony case that she probably did kill her daughter, but “on accident.” He felt she may have used it as a sedative but “gave her too much.”

Caylee Anthony may be gone, but she will never be forgotten. [Image by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]

Casey Anthony was seen in Florida protesting Donald Trump’s presidency. She refused to appear on camera.

Anthony finally admitted that she came out to protest Trump’s presidency because “she doesn’t like his policies.”

Do you think former Judge Belvin Perry, Jr. could be right and Casey Anthony killed her daughter, Caylee, accidentally? If so, why did she wait so long to report her missing?

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