WWE Rumors: Kurt Angle Will Wrestle In WWE According To Jim Ross

The first announced member of the WWE Hall of Fame for 2017 was Kurt Angle, the former WWE world champion and Olympic gold medal winner. While Angle has been out of the WWE for a long time, he hasn’t stopped wrestling, and he even stepped into the ring for Impact Wrestling as recently as last January. He also worked indie matches around the world over the last year. In his last blog post,

Jim Ross has considered Kurt Angle’s age and the strenuous schedule of life on the road, and he makes it sound as if he believes that Angle could get the same kind of part-time deal that Bill Goldberg received.

Goldberg has wrestled twice since returning to the WWE last year, and he will wrestle his third match at Fastlane this week, and then a fourth at WrestleMania in April. When it comes to Kurt Angle, Ross feels that it could be even less.

“I could see doing one, major bout but doing 2-3 bouts seems challenging unless the bouts are spread out to allow the story to be better told.”

An example that Jim Ross came up with was that Kurt Angle could return to television and build up to a match at SummerSlam in August. Then, they could have something bigger planned for next year at WrestleMania.

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Of course, it has to be mentioned that this is all speculation on Jim Ross’ part, and any Kurt Angle match will come down to whether the WWE feels comfortable putting him back in their ring. Plus, Kurt would have to pass a physical and prove he was healthy enough to wrestle.

As far as Jim Ross is concerned, a Kurt Angle return to the ring is something the WWE can’t pass up.

“It’s too good an opportunity to not to do and WWE certainly will not want to pass on what could be a highly productive, Kurt Angle wrestling match/storyline.”

While most of Kurt Angle’s recent matches have been in the indies, Jim Ross has seen a few of the appearances. He said that Angle still has it, and he is very healthy and motivated right now.

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Kurt Angle was just on CBS Sports Radio this week and talked about getting back into the ring and wrestling again. According to Kurt, he said that Triple H didn’t want to talk about a return to the ring until after the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony. He did say that they will talk about it at that time, but he is confident he will wrestle again.

“My guess is I will return. I’m not talking for WWE, I’m speaking for myself. I’d imagine it will occur sometime I just don’t know. But right now the main focus is the Hall Of Fame.”

Angle also talked about who he wants to induct him into the WWE Hall of Fame. His dream list included names like Undertaker, Stone Cold Steve Austin, John Cena, or Brock Lesnar to induct him.


Kurt Angle headlines a class that includes other 2017 WWE Hall of Fame inductees The Rock ‘N’ Roll Express, Beth Phoenix, Theodore Long, and Diamond Dallas Page. There are still two or three names expected for the WWE to add to this list.

Kurt Angle enters the WWE Hall of Fame on March 31, 2017, at the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida. The event airs on the WWE Network.

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