WWE News: Big Show Talks WWE Contract Expiration & Frustrations With Shaq

In WWE news, Big Show recently discussed his contract status and his frustrations with WrestleMania regarding Shaq. Between his recent weight loss and the buzz surrounding him and Shaq, the Big Show has been making WWE news for weeks now. But it still seems uncertain if the match will happen between the two giants.

WWE News: Shaq Gives Update On WrestleMania

With Shaq’s past WWE appearances, and after he and the Big Show met each other in the middle of the ring at the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at last year’s WrestleMania, it seemed inevitable that the two would eventually wrestle each other in a WWE ring. The two have talked trash to one another on social media while building up hype for the would-be contest, but it seems there are complications and that the match may not happen. As 411Mania reported, Shaq recently revealed some information that would make WWE news headlines everywhere.

“Oh, it ain’t my fault. It don’t matter what they say. It has nothing to do with the Diesel and his management. That’s what I got to say, but, it’s not totally off yet but it’s not looking good…These next thirty days, I’m about to go hard. I’m still doing it like it’s going down.”

WWE News: Big Show’s Contract Status And Frustrations With WrestleMania

At just 23-years-old, the Big Show made what was perhaps the greatest professional wrestling debut when he defeated Hulk Hogan to win the WCW World Heavyweight Championship. In 1999, he joined the WWE and has been a staple of the company ever since.

In an official interview with the Sporting News, the giant spoke about his contract status and his frustration regarding the WWE news about Shaq and WrestleMania.

“It is a little frustrating because my contract ends in February 2018. So I don’t know what’s going to happen between now and then. I don’t know if there will be an opportunity for me next year at WrestleMania or not. I don’t know because there’s a lot of new Superstars breaking out and I’ve done my time. This was my perhaps my last opportunity to have a featured match at WrestleMania. And I would have had a good time working with Shaq.”

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He would go on to state that whatever is holding up the process is above his pay grade, but that it seems like it has to do with the WWE and Shaq. But the Big Show also has his doubts.

“Either that or he saw the fact that I was starting to get in really good shape and he got scared and decided that he wants to bail out…I understand the fact that if it’s something that he doesn’t want to do, that he’s scared of, that’s fine but don’t put the blame on me because it isn’t me. Just own up to it and say you’re scared and that’s that.”

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Although that might just seem like bait to get Shaq in the ring, he does have a point. At 44-years-old, Shaq may only be one year younger than the Big Show, but unlike the WWE superstar, he hasn’t been wrestling for over 20 years. Ric Flair has said that the key to having a lengthy career in sports is to never take time off. It’s been years since Shaq has competed in the NBA or anything near the level of the WWE (his brief Raw and ‘Mania battle royal appearance hardly counts).

When not doing his podcast, you can find the former NBA star doing commercials for back pain and promoting donuts. Although 44 isn’t old by any stretch, it is a bit later in life to think about getting in the ring with a fellow giant. There’s a huge difference between doing a couple of small spots and performing an entire match. There’s no shame for a non-professional wrestler being apprehensive wrestling the Big Show — or anyone for that matter.


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However, Shaq is an exceptional athlete: he is a four-time NBA champion, he has trained in MMA, and he is an avid wrestling fan making appearances in WWE, WCW, and even TNA. Someone at his level could pull-off a match in the ring if he really wanted to. And as previously stated in this article, he hasn’t completely ruled the contest out. So just maybe the WWE universe will get good news in the near future that Big Show and Shaq will indeed square-off at WrestleMania.

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