WWE News And Commentary: Three Must-Watch Shows On The WWE Network

A large portion of the WWE universe subscribes to the WWE Network to get the pay-per-views that are included each month with their subscriptions. Where WWE pay-per-views used to cost fans between $50 and $70 a pop, now they can watch the special events for a low monthly price of $9.99. The network includes every WWE, WCW, and ECW pay-per-view ever released. It also includes the majority of wrestling shows like WWE Raw, WCW Nitro, and shows from yesteryear like Prime Time Wrestling. In addition to WCW, ECW, and WWE content, they also have programming from former organizations like Mid-South Wrestling, Global Wrestling Federation, and Smokey Mountain Wrestling, among others.

On top of all this content they also have original programming exclusive to the WWE Network. This reporter is a former professional wrestler and the network is an absolute must-have for those within the business, as well as WWE and wrestling fans. But with all of their content, it’s easy to miss some high-quality programming. Below is a list of three WWE Network shows that are a must-watch for wrestling enthusiasts.

Legends of Wrestling

This show originally aired when the WWE had a cable channel titled, WWE 24/7. Though it is somewhat dated it is just as riveting today as it was when it first debuted. This show was absolutely groundbreaking and many feel it wasn’t as appreciated as it should have been; never before had wrestling insiders gotten together on an episodic show to speak candidly about the business.

A panel of hosts, who are major players in the business, talk about hot topics surrounding the wrestling industry industry. Subjects include famous feuds, wrestlers who draw backstage heat, the evolution of hardcore wrestling, and others. Panel members include a long list of WWE legends: Jim Ross, Michael Hayes, Kevin Nash, Gene Okerlund, Joey Styles, and the late Dusty Rhodes, among many more.

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Monday Night War

The WWE wouldn’t be as big as they are today if it wasn’t for the competition they used to have with WCW. This ratings competition would be dubbed “The Monday Night War.” This series consists of 20 episodes and it follows the Monday Night War in-depth. Wrestling was at its all-time most popular doing this period, and this series does a great job of capturing the era’s essence. Shadowlocked describes why this is one of the best shows on the WWE Network.

“Rather than tell a chronological story, although there is a vague linearity to the order the episodes are structured in the series, each highlights a particular angle, event or superstar and goes into considerable depth on that subject. [This is] packed with information, clips, reflection and at times very candid commentary on the successes and failings of both sides.”

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WWE Beyond the Ring

For years, the WWE has been making DVD documentaries on famous wrestlers and industry personalities. One of the first documentaries released by the WWE was back in 2004 with The Rise and Fall of WCW. The network is hosting most of these documentary movies including more recent titles like Sting: Into the Light, Eric Bischoff—Sports Entertainment’s Most Controversial Figure, and Ladies and Gentlemen, My Name is Paul Heyman.

With the popularity of “The Beast Incarnate” Brock Lesnar, many members of the WWE universe may find it timely to visit the Paul Heyman documentary. It is at times funny, inspirational, eye-opening, and it is very compelling from beginning to end. Paul shares stories about how he hustled his way into the wrestling business and gives insight on hallmarks of his career. He tells in-depth stories on ECW, CM Punk, Brock Lesnar, and gives his own thoughts on why he is such a polarizing figure behind the scenes.


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