Obama Admin Officials Left Intel Trail Due To Suspicions Of Trump’s Russian Ties

With the presidential election allegedly hacked by Russians and claims that various Trump administrators were connected to Putin and his government, it seems that officials from the Obama administration had not trusted things all along and left bread crumbs to be followed in the form of intelligence. With Jeff Sessions now allegedly lying about contact with the Russians and even Michael Flynn resigning over his contact, one has to wonder what more would come from this. Many wonder who could be connected to the Russians from Donald Trump’s administration, including the President himself.

Senior Officials had not trusted things all along it seems, according to the New York Times.

“In the waning days of Barack Obama’s presidency, senior administration officials left a trail of intelligence they assessed cast further suspicion on Donald Trump and his team’s ties to Russia.”

The report claims that former President Barack Obama had not been personally involved in what the senior officials did, but it seems that President Trump does not believe it. He alleged on Tuesday with Fox News that Obama was behind the various leaks and even the protests that have been hurting the Trump administration. While leaks continue to get out, protests are going on throughout the country and both claims are not backed up with proof at this point for the president.

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Meanwhile, what can be proven is Trump’s administration having ties to Russia in some way or another. According to the NY Times, the intel found was from United States allies, including sources out of the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. Obama officials describe meetings in Europe between Kremlin associates and Trump confidants. This came from three former American officials who noted what was said in the meetings was classified. The Times would go on to claim that the U.S. intelligence community is alleged to have “intercepted communications of Russian officials… discussing contacts with Trump associates.”

The Obama officials did not do all of this because they simply did not care for Donald Trump, but rather due to some distrust. However, their main goal in all of this, according to the report, was that they wanted to ensure alleged Russian interference in the U.S election is not something we see duplicated in the future in either American or European elections, and of course, to aid potential investigators.

This report comes from the NY Times, but other places, such as WikiLeaks, have denied that they used a Kremlin source or any state party for their reports. Of course, there seems to be a lot of debate regarding the media and their reporting on the Trump administration, with Trump recently attacking the media and calling many outlets, “fake news.”

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On top of this, he has declared a war of sorts on the media and at one point, Press Secretary Sean Spicer banned key media outlets, such as Politico and the New York Times, from a recent presser. This took place after Trump claimed that none of the media sources were being truthful due to their use of anonymous sources. In media, anonymity is granted to a source who fears for his or her life or livelihood.

In the world of politics, especially in Russia, we have seen journalists and even people who supposedly leaked key information disappear or die under suspicious circumstances. This has been an issue for decades, so it’s not surprising that people would want to remain nameless when they give out information. However, the Trump administration appears to want names to be thrown out to make sure the stories are verified, and many Americans seem to agree on this.

Russian ties have been alleged ever since Donald Trump won the presidential election last November and have not stopped. However, there is some truth in the matter it seems, as Michael Flynn had to resign over his connections and it has now been revealed Jeff Sessions has allegedly conversed with the Russians as well, despite the fact that he denied any sort of contact with them during his confirmation hearing. He also happens to be the man heading the investigation regarding Russian ties to Trump’s election win.

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Of course, Sessions heavily backed Donald Trump throughout his campaign and it made sense that he would get a spot in his administration if he won. One one could connect the dots and see that Sessions had a lot to gain by Trump winning, and his addition to such a high job would come with a great deal of political power. Of course, it is not proven that he had contact but the New York Times report claims he spoke with the Russians on a couple of occasions.

While all of the material coming out about the Trump administration’s alleged Russian connections may be from unnamed sources, it does appear that the Obama officials wanted to leave this information to be found for a reason. One can assume that this is not the only information the media will be given or uncover due to the work of these officials. The biggest issue for everyone would be the confirmation of ties between key members of the Trump administration or President Trump himself and Russian officials that led to Trump’s eventual win in the presidential election.

One has to wonder a few things involving the administration, however. If Flynn resigned, he may very well have had contact. If Jeff Sessions lied about a meeting with the Russians, and it was nothing that could be considered bad, why would he lie about it? Plus, Americans know of how open Donald Trump has been about Vladimir Putin. On top of this, before the election Putin mentioned a possible war if Hilary Clinton won the election. With such dots being connected, the American people want answers now more than ever and with Trump’s attempts to turn people against the media…one has to wonder if there is something to hide.

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