Maher To Obama: Be An ‘Angry Black Man,’ Push Liberal Agenda [Video]

Comedian Bill Maher, a staunch supporter of President Barack Obama, has offered the recently re-elected POTUS some advice on how to weather his second term: Become the “angry black man” and push a liberal agenda.

A second term allows a president leverage and power to enact more partisan policies, since he (or she, in the near future) doesn’t have another campaign around the corner to worry about. If the first term helps the US feel a president out, then the second is when he delivers on his promises, and Maher thinks that President Obama ought to use this opportunity to boldly push forward, past compromise, into a strictly liberal agenda.

President Obama has been criticized by opponents with the “angry black man” stereotype before, and Maher suggests that he use that as a weapon, and actually become the “angry black man” to get his vision in motion.

Though the debate still rages on over whether President Obama won another mandate from the people of the United States, one thing is plainly certain: He’s the president for four more years. Some on the left echo Maher’s perspective that Obama ought to disregard the right and progressively push forward, but Maher takes it a step further by placing the onus on liberals to hold the president’s feet to the fire on controversial issues.

Watch the video of Bill Maher’s “angry black man” advice to President Barack Obama below, and let us know what you think: Should President Obama chase bipartisanship, as he has continually promised, or push forward as an unapologetic liberal leader in his second term?

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