Hope Solo’s Aunt Denies Claims About Fight With Jerramy Stevens

Hope Solo’s aunt, Kathleen Shaw, denies claims that the soccer star was fighting with husband Jerramy Stevens the day before their wedding. She also says Stevens never hit her niece.

Shaw told the Oregonian, “Hope was never hit. That’s all a false rumor. And they weren’t fighting over where they were going to live. Another false rumor.”

Shaw said Stevens, 33, did nothing wrong when he was arrested Monday morning after a fight broke out at a party in Kirkland, Washington. Shaw, who is the sister of Solo’s mother, said the fight was between two drunk guests, one of whom had insulted the other’s wife.

“When the husband reacted, the first guy took a swing at him and it started a fight,” Shaw said. “Jerramy’s involvement was to walk into the room and try to stop them.”

However, when police arrived at the party around 3:45 am, they found Stevens lying between a bed and a wall. He claimed to have been sleeping and unaware of the fight, and Shaw said the blood on his shirt was the result of the two men falling on him.

Shaw said she met Stevens for the first time at the Tuesday wedding.

“He seems really nice, very polite, sweet and friendly and open, and he sings like a dream,” she said.

Police reports said the 31-year-old Solo had a cut on her arm and was yelling at other partygoers not to talk to the police. Court documents claim Solo’s brother, 34-year-old Marcus, called police, but Shaw said that wasn’t true.

Do you believe Kathleen Shaw’s version of what happened during the fight Monday?

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