Lesbian Romance? Jemma Lucy Goes Nude With Chantelle Connelly In Bed

Jemma Lucy goes nude with Chantelle Connelly in bed as the two went on a Caribbean getaway. After denying their lesbian romance last week, they ignited rumors once again after Jemma goes nude with Chantelle in their latest Snapchat story. Is there some grain of truth in their lesbian relationship?

Jemma Lucy cuddles up with Chantelle Connelly

The two are soaking up the Caribbean sunshine since Monday and they shared the heat to their fans in a recently uploaded steamy video. They ignited rumors onpice again as they were seen lounging completely naked in bed. In their latest Snapchat story, Jemma Lucy goes nude with Chantelle Connelly and both girls cleverly used their arms to cover each of their surgically-enhanced boobs.

The two girls played around with the assortment of filters from the app starting from the cute dog filter to a vampire face filter. In another video, we see Chantelle showing off her amazingly toned body and full cleavage, saying that she was “just taking over my girl’s Snapchat.” The Geordie Shore star wore a pair of skimpy underwear. The third clip shows Jemma Lucy going nude and joining Chantelle in the bed as the two girls continued goofing around with the filters.

However, this raunchy video came days after Chantelle tweeted that their lesbian fling was just a ploy to gain money.

Her tweet read, “Just to let everyone know the whole me and @jem_lucy relationship was laugh since the papers started it we rode it and had the last laugh” alongside two pound emojis.

The tweet received numerous backlashes from the followers of the pair who commented that they were desperate for attention and fame. In the heat of the moment, Chantelle angrily wrote back that at least they “weren’t hurting anyone” and that there are “worse things we could of done than went on along with a story that the papers made up. Get over it.”

But since they were spotted getting nude and intimate, their reputation has been tarnished by innuendos of being in a sexual relationship. We were led to speculate if their lesbian romance is back on.

Jemma Lucy goes nude with Chantelle Connelly in bed
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My girl, my bae

Their romance started last month when the pair posed together for a very sexy naked photo shoot. The two reality stars stripped down nude and did daring positions like hugging one another and being completely at ease as they pose cleavage to cleavage. Jemma said that “only a few real girls in this game and here’s one” referring to Chantelle’s boldness for the shoot. Since then, the Ex On the Beach reality star and Connelly were seen spending wild night outs together and calling one another “bae” or “girlfriend.” Weeks ago, Jemma confirmed their romance in an Instagram live session and said, “I am going out with Chantelle. We have been together for about a month.”


She and Chantelle have also been spotted doing lewd antics such as kissing one another and even smooching Chantelle’s mom on the lips during her birthday. The picture was captioned, “Introducing my girl to the mother.”

So now we are left wondering if they really have something between them but Gaz Beadle, Geordie Shore star tweeted that nothing’s real about the pair. “So funny when you see a pic of 2 people who you know hate each other acting besties so many fake people these days…” he tweeted. Even the spokesman for Chantelle said that their relationship is probably just “a joke.”

Lucy was previously paired with Celebrity Big Brother winner Stephen Bear while Connelly had an on-and-off relationship with Tommy Sayers before calling it quits.

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