Katy Perry Split: Orlando Bloom Cheating With Mystery Woman Before Break-Up?

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom have split, the celebrities’ reps confirmed in a statement. The sources say that the break-up was mutual, but a recent photo may be telling a different story.

In the photo seen below, Orlando Bloom and a mystery woman seem to be full-blown flirting. According to The Hollywood Gossip, The Pirates of the Carribean actor was speaking to Erin McCabe, the daughter of the Global Green President. The pair was caught at the pre-Oscars party just days before the break-up announcement.

Some people speculate that Katy and Orlando have already broken up prior to the flirtatious escapade, but per the publication, there are some claims that this was actually the cause of their break-up. Katy Perry apparently saw the pair and got mad, motivating the singer to end things off with Bloom on the spot.

Afterward, Katy and Orlando posed together for the camera at the Vanity Fair Oscars party, but that was it. There was none of the closeness that Bloom and McCabe shared the other night.

“Katy didn’t spend much time with Orlando. They got together for a photo, but that was about it,” an onlooker says.

Then, a few days after, the couple confirmed their split, but the stated reason was not because of a third party or anything over the top. The stars’ reps told PEOPLE that they are taking a “respectable, loving space at this time,” which hints to a peaceful closure. But the fans are not taking it, as only a month ago, Katy threw a birthday bash for the now 40-year-old actor.

Additionally, The Lord of the Rings starrer even joined Katy Perry’s family for Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. The couple was even rumored to be close to tying the knot a few months ago, and Katy’s reportedly close with his son and he with her dog.

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Last summer, a source claimed that the couple has already talked about marriage and children. The actor was reportedly interested in popping the big question to Katy and having more kids with her. But instead of getting an engagement announcement, fans got surprised with news of their split.

The rumor mill went into overdrive, speculating that something big must have happened for the two to suddenly fall apart after looking content with each other. Bloom’s photos with McCabe only fueled the fans’ suspicions of cheating.

However, their break-up is not only being rumored to be caused by cheating. There are also others who say that their relationship was never intended to be serious in the first place, despite some who say that Orlando was serious about Katy.

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“It was never really supposed to be serious between them,” a source close to Perry told PEOPLE.

“When it first started, she was basically like ‘This will be fun for now.'”

A friend of Bloom corroborates the claim, saying that while the actor was happy with the “Roar” singer, he did not consider settling down with her. The source further explained that there was no “last straw” nor “anything dramatic” that led to their split, invalidating the rumors of anyone cheating.

According to Orlando’s friend, the relationship had been unstable for some time before the break-up, which can partly be attributed to Katy’s new music.

“Katy’s going through a lot of changes for her new music — both physically and emotionally — and this was a part of that.”

Katy Perry definitely got a busy schedule ahead for her and Orlando Bloom is dedicating himself to charity, so the real reason may just be that – they just naturally fell apart, which could happen to any couple.

Do you think there was cheating involved in the Katy Perry – Orlando Bloom split?

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