‘Taboo’ Season 2: TV Show Could Be Renewed, Cast Member Tom Hardy Hints

Taboo cast member Tom Hardy and co-creator Steven Knight might have leaked a piece of insider information here. While neither FX now the BBC has confirmed the Season 2 of the TV show, these two talked about the possibility. And, fans should be delighted to know that the show is likely to be renewed.

Taboo cast includes Tom Hardy
Taboo cast members Michael Kelly and Oona Chaplin are seen with Tom Hardy. [Image Kevin Winter/Getty Images]

Knight doubted if they were allowed to talk about the details of a possible Season 2. But, at the same time, he said explosive stuff was going to happen in his mind. This is when Taboo cast member Hardy talked about his take on the possible renewal. He referred to James Keziah Delaney’s “ambiguous” nature of hiding some and revealing some. What he said next might have confirmed that the makers of the show already started working on the next part of the story.

“We’re onto the next stage.”

The interviewer reminded them that there was no confirmation from the BBC or FX that Taboo would be renewed for Season 2. At the same time, he asked Tom Hardy and Steven Knight if there were confident that they would be able to tell “next chapter of this story” in the TV show. “Oh god, yeah,” Hardy said. “All will be well,” Knight assured.

The season finale took place on Tuesday. The show bid farewell to England, as lots of major characters died. Many others were left behind for various reasons. The Taboo ending, as explained by Entertainment Weekly, meant Chichester, Brace, Strange, Helga, and Zilpha would not be a part of Taboo Season 2. The New World in the next season is expected to be set in the United States. But, some of them could still be a part, since Delaney is capable of seeing dead people. Cast member Tom Hardy talked about the “We are Americans” slogan. “I really wanted to see it being hard for them to actually make it to that boat and into the New World and the next season of Taboo,” he said.

They also talked about what happened to Zilpha. James discovered that Zilpha had killed her husband. Knight said he did not like what he came to know, since he never wanted her to be a part of this. The murder leaves Delaney “broken,” he said. But, he never wanted her to know what he felt. Deep down, he might have wanted her to run away from him. Knight said Zilpha should not have been a part of the ship, as James “didn’t have a user for her.” According to cast member Tom Hardy, the relation between Zilpha and James Delaney was more obsession than “genuine love.”

In a way, Zilpha blamed her brother for her husband’s murder. James never told her to do so, even though she claimed so. Taboo‘s ending, as explained by IGN, did not do justice with Zilpha. According to the website, the TV show let her down.

There's no confirmation from the BBC or FX for Taboo Season 2.
There’s no confirmation from the BBC or FX for Taboo Season 2. [Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]

There has been no confirmation of Season 2. But Taboo fans should be excited to know what cast member Tom Hardy and co-creator Steven Knight hinted. It’ll be worth waiting to see if Taboo gets renewed or wraps up as a mini-series.

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