Ivanka Trump Reportedly Added Major Parts To Father Donald Trump’s Pres. Speech

Ivanka Trump has seemingly had a major voice in her father’s administration, and it seems like President Donald Trump’s recent speech was affected by Ivanka’s additions, which may very well have been the reason for more Americans liking the presidential address on Tuesday night. President Trump discussed a variety of things during his speech on Tuesday, and many saw it as almost bipartisan where Trump discussed issues that mattered on both sides. This was not by original design, however.

In fact, it appears Ivanka Trump, the daughter of the president, helped to craft part of her father’s speech. According to an email sent to Axios, a senior administrator claimed, “The speech was all [senior adviser Stephen] Miller, but Ivanka worked hard on it with him on many of the parts, especially affirming that the president’s desire to have an uplifting and aspirational speech. Ivanka was working with Miller in his office in the afternoon on the speech, including the paragraph on ‘paid family leave…women’s health…clean air and clean water.'”

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This means that Ivanka Trump helped to add parts that Donald Trump spoke on like the women’s health material and clean air and water areas, of which have been heavily liberal talking points. Trump did mention during his campaign that he would like to help women regarding having time off after pregnancy if their employer does not provide it. So this goes along with it. However, he has not mentioned really anything regarding the environment.

The area that Ivanka Trump helped with went like this from President Trump during his speech Tuesday night,

“My administration wants to work with members of both parties to make child care accessible and affordable, to help ensure new parents that they have paid family leave…to invest in women’s health, and to promote clean air and clean water, and to rebuild our military and our infrastructure.”

Axios also mentioned that Ivanka, Miller, and President Trump “talked about those issues and how they would resonate in an important way.” They landed very well, as these points being brought up ended up getting Trump major applause, which was good for him and his administration. The Washington Post reported that President Trump “won high marks from Republicans for both his agenda and his measured tone.”

Of course, not everyone is so sure about what the president will do, especially the Democrats, who thought the speech was “surreal” and that it was toned down but the same basic Steve Bannon program was involved within the speech. Democrat Steny Hoyer told Huffington Post that we should not be so certain about President Trump, as Hoyer wanted to make sure people understood that Trump is not someone that can be figured out as easily as others would like. He said, “One of the things we’ve learned in the last 15 months ? don’t be surprised by what Donald Trump does. He almost always does what you don’t expect, and does what you don’t think he ought to be doing.”

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While Ivanka Trump, who some see as an open and known liberal, may have helped her father out, she is by no means affecting things greatly. However, Ivanka helping with his speeches and even making sure that things important to her like women’s health and the environment are mentioned provide a peek into her role in the Oval Office. One has to wonder if Ivanka Trump has her father’s ear, and if that could be a good thing for liberals who are afraid of what Donald Trump will do as president of the United States.

It is of course believed that Steve Bannon will make a lot of the decisions going forward and be the main adviser to President Trump, which may push for his ideas to move over that of daughter Ivanka’s. The question most might have is, if it comes down to Ivanka’s plans or Bannon’s, and they disagree, will Donald Trump pick his adviser over his daughter? This despite knowing Ivanka has been a very successful businesswoman and considered to be good for her father’s administration over Steve by many Americans.

Many feel he would pick Bannon simply due to the fact that he has some experience in politics that Ivanka Trump does not. However, President Trump himself also had no political experience when running for office any more than his daughter. On top of this, she might actually push for more bipartisan policies along with her father where Bannon will push heavily alt-right policies, which he has already started to employ. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out in the White House, as it seems that Ivanka Trump is sort of taking a first lady role while actual First Lady Melania Trump stays with son Baron in New York and spends little time in Washington, D.C.

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