Kody Brown’s Family Celebrates Janelle’s New Business: Where Was Meri Brown?

There are a lot of rumors about Meri Brown and her leaving the family. Now the Sister Wives star is really heating up the rumors by not being out with the Brown family while they were celebrating Janelle Brown’s new job. In Touch Weekly shared the details about what happened. The Brown family was out and about in Las Vegas on Feb. 25 to celebrate Janelle’s new business venture, Strive With Janelle. The thing is Meri Brown wasn’t there at all. There have been a few rumors that she was leaving the family.


A source shared that there is something to Meri being gone and that she is “a bit removed” from the family. The source also shared that Kody didn’t look like he was having a great time with the other wives. The source said, “Kody kept walking away. He seemed distracted the whole time.”

Meri Brown hasn’t been quiet about the fact that there have been a few issues with the family. Meri and Kody were the only couple that was legally married, but then they got a divorce. This was simply so Kody could marry Robyn and adopt her children keeping them in the Brown family no matter what happens in the future. Meri also ended up getting catfished by a woman she thought was a man that she was talking to online. This was hard for the entire family.


So far, the Brown family is staying quiet about what is going on. If Meri is leaving the family, they won’t say a word until they can use it on their show Sister Wives and let the viewers see it all. When Mariah Brown came out as gay, it was something they were able to keep a secret somehow, so you never know if Meri leaves if they will somehow be able to keep that quiet as well.

There have even been rumors that Meri Brown wasn’t the only wife leaving the family. The Hollywood Gossip shared recently that Robyn Brown was upset and ready to leave as well. An anonymous source shared saying, “She is leaving the first week in January to go back to Utah with the kids and be with her family to figure out the next step in her life.” If she did this, then Robyn came back because she was out with Kody and the other wives celebrating Janelle’s new business.

Janelle recently started a business called Strive With Janelle. This is all about taking control of your body and getting in shape. Janelle has been working really hard on losing weight, and the fans have seen it on the show. Her website has coaches, videos and more. Janelle explains it on her site.

“Hi, I’m Janelle Brown. A few years ago I began a fitness journey that blessed me in so many ways. I had reached a critical point where I was tired of not feeling good. It occurred to me that a 42-year-old shouldn’t have to use their hands to push themselves up off the couch just to stand up. I wanted more. I started looking for resources, but couldn’t find any that spoke to me-someone who really had no fitness level and hadn’t exercised regularly for years. Even if I had been physically able to sign up for a class at the gym, I didn’t feel comfortable going into that environment. Luckily, I found mentors who really helped me, and that is what inspired me to create STRIVE with Janelle. I realized I could be the resource I had been looking for and that is what I hope to be for you! Look, I’m a work in progress. I gain weight, I lose weight, but I remain physically active because I discovered the amazing quality of life I didn’t know I was missing.”

What do you think about Meri Brown not being out with the rest of the family? Do you think that she is actually leaving? Do you think that she is actually leaving? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss new episodes of Sister Wives when they return to TLC.

[Featured Image by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]