Watch Southwest Florida Eagle Cam Live Online: E9 Latest Updates [Video]

The Southwest Florida eagle cam (SWFL) has live streamed a bald eagle’s nest in North Fort Myers, Florida, since September 2016. Millions have watched as mom and dad eagle, Harriet and M15, laid, incubated, and brooded over two eggs. On Dec 31, 2016, one egg hatched while the other was deemed nonviable. The resulting eaglet was named E9 (as he or she was Harriet’s ninth eagle to hatch since streaming first began in 2012), and over the months, E9 has grown into a strong juvenile eagle. E9 has less than two months left in the nest before finding independence, and viewers are still tuning in to the live eagle cam to see E9’s latest developments. You can watch the SWFL eagle cam streaming live online, 24/7, in the video player below.

The 2016-2017 live stream is Season 5 for the popular eagle cam. The cam first went live in 2012 and featured Harriet with her then mate Ozzie. The tree is located on Dick Pritchett’s private horse pasture and features a pond. The bald eagle’s nest is located in a slash pine tree approximately 50 feet in the air. There are three cams that stream live 24/7. Camera 1 is the main cam and is situated directly above the eagle’s nest. This cam provides a look into the nest and is what gives us exceptional footage of Harriet, M15, and E9.

A Bald Eagle is seen photographed. [Image by StefanoVenturi/ iStock Getty]

The second camera is situated higher above and provides a look of what is referred to as the attic. This area is above the nest and when you don’t see Harriet or M15 in the nest, there’s a good chance they are hunting nearby, fishing in the pond, or perched above the nest keeping a watchful eye on possible invaders. The third camera provides a panoramic view of the pond area. You may see all three cameras in the video player above. Just use the toggle button to switch between camera views. This is the most comprehensive way to take in the full view the live eagle cam provides.

A mother bald eagle looks at her chick while in the nest. [Image by Chilkoot/iStock Getty]

Harriet laid two eggs this season. The first on Nov. 22 and the second on Nov. 25. The first egg never hatched and has remained in the nest ever since. Of the nine eaglets Harriet has had since the beginning of the live cam, seven have survived. E3 and E5 passed away. The remaining eaglets fledged the nest and E9 continues to grow healthy and strong each day. E9 is now eight-weeks-old and it appears he or she will take flight and fledge within the next month or a little longer. As people continue to watch the eagle cam every day, many have expressed a sense of sorrow about E9 leaving the nest for the final time.

Mom and Dad eagle stand guard over their nest. [Image by JLFCapture/iStock Getty]

Bald eagles mate for life and they often return to the same nest each season. Though the Pritchett family established the live cam in 2012, they first saw the bald eagles nesting in the area in 2006, and it is believed Harriet had raised youngs in the area even earlier. Harriet and Ozzie used the nest each season for nine years. Unfortunately, Ozzie passed away in September 2015. After Ozzie’s death, Harriet was courted by several males but ultimately M15 won out. This is Harriet’s and M15’s second clutch and M15 has proved to be a worthy mate for Harriet.

Bald eagles live approximately 20 to 30 years in the wild and females can lay two eggs per clutch. Many female eagles will lay two eggs per year for approximately 20 or 25 years. They can have many eaglets during their lifetime. The SWFL eagle cam is a wonderful way to interact with nature online and learn more about eagles. E9 has become quite the celebrity with millions who have tuned in every day to watch the eaglet’s antics.

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