Who Is Alex Deaton? All About Accused Killer Busted After Terrifying Crime Spree

Alex Bridges Deaton, a 28-year-old accused killer, was busted after a high-speed car chase came to a fiery end on an interstate highway in Kansas early Wednesday morning. The arrest brought to an end what investigators say was a terrifying and deadly multi-state crime spree that started with Deaton strangling his 30-year-old lover, Heather Robinson, at her home in Rankin County, Mississippi, on either Wednesday or Thursday of last week.

Deaton is also believed to have shot a jogger in Rankin County, committed a “violent carjacking” in Albuquerque, New Mexico, shot a convenience store clerk in Kansas and murdered a 69-year-old woman in a Neshoba County, Mississippi, church — among other horrifying crimes.

Robinson was employed as a nurse at University of Mississippi Medical Center. According to Rankin County Sheriff Bryan Bailey, Deaton “went into a fit of rage” after Robinson informed him that she was ending their relationship, according to a report by Mississippi News Now.

Deacon on his own Facebook page describes himself as the father of two children. There was no indication Wednesday that Robinson was the mother of either child, and her Facebook page shows photographs of her together with Deaton starting only in August of last year.

The following video news report from KJRH TV in Tulsa, Oklahoma — another locale where Deaton was reportedly sighted in the days after the murders attributed to him — contains further details on Deaton’s alleged crime spree and arrest,

Deaton Was a Gun Enthusiast With Access to Weapons

According to a report by Margaret-Ann Carter of WJTV News in Mississippi, Deaton was carrying four, possibly five handguns on his alleged crime and killing spree.

On his Facebook page, Deaton posted about his love of guns and strong opposition to gun control laws.

While investigators believe that Deaton strangled and killed Robinson late Wednesday night, February 22, or early on the morning of the next day, they now also say that later on Thursday he shot 69-year-old Brenda Pinter to death inside Dixon Baptist Church in Neshoba County, according to Mississippi News Now.


Deaton’s motive for allegedly killing Pinter remains unknown. The woman, according to police, visited the church at about 4 p.m. on Thursday, February 24. Shortly after she arrived, a white SUV was also seen arriving in the church parking lot, only to depart within minutes.

Pinter was found dead from a gunshot wound inside the church about two hours later.

Fiery Wreck Ends Nationwide Manhunt for Deaton

On Tuesday, night, Deaton was spotted in Albuquerque, where, according to police, he carjacked a couple and tried to force them into the trunk of a car belonging to the woman in the couple.

The couple, however, was able to get away from Deaton, but only after Deaton shot the fleeing man. He then stole the woman’s black Cadillac.

The Cadillac was identified in connection with a shooting that injured a clerk at a convenience store in Pratt, Kansas, early Wednesday morning, according to a statement from the Kansas Highway Patrol. Troopers pursued the Cadillac, driven by Deaton, at a high rate of speed before employing “tactical vehicle intervention” to force Deaton into crashing.

The Cadillac burst into flame, but Deaton was not seriously injured, and he was immediately arrested by Kansas state troopers.

[Featured Image By Mississippi Bureau of Investigation]

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