Bray Wyatt: Sister Abigail’s Grave Desecrated By WWE’s Viper

In a expected yet stunning turn of events, WWE’s Viper desecrated the grave of Bray Wyatt’s Sister Abigail, forging an unparalleled rift between the former master and servant.

The tale began almost four months ago, with Randy Orton’s famous quote, “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.” That was when the Apex Predator decided to submit to the Wyatt Family. In fact, Orton at one point turned down the opportunity at a title shot during Wrestlemania.

That all came to a flaming finish at the end of Tuesday night’s WWE SmackDown. As The Eater of Worlds was closing out the event, Orton appeared on the jumbotron. Wyatt’s cheery reception to seeing his servant on the big screen fell apart as Randy fired up his betrayal.

Dressed in black, the Viper declared he was standing on Sister Abigail’s grave at the Wyatt Family compound. He announced that while he was once the servant, he would soon become the master, stating his intentions to come after Bray Wyatt for the championship at Wrestlemania. But first, before burning the soul of Sister Abigail to eternal damnation, he would force the Wyatt Family Patriarch to hear her scream once more just like she had before she died. The following is according to ESPN.

“As Wyatt cried out, Orton doused the cabin in gasoline, stepped outside, struck a giant match and then lit the cabin up in a fiery blaze as he struck his signature pose outside, arms outstretched.”

Sister Abigail is the source of The Eater of Worlds’ strength, and his finishing move is also named after her. Sister Abigail has been the backbone of the lore surrounding the Wyatt Family and is believed to be responsible for having taught Wyatt his way of life. She sent Braun Strowman to help him and turn him into the titan he has become in the WWE world since his debut.

Bray Wyatt And Co.
Bray Wyatt (Center) and Company [Image by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]

Rumors have swirled around the mysterious figure for a long time, but whether or not Sister Abigail will ever show up in a WWE event remains uncertain. Albeit, if WWE follows any of the tradition surrounding ghosts, it seems unlikely she will ever appear since Orton burned her grave and the home and possible source of power for the Wyatt Family.

What will be more interesting to see is if Bray Wyatt stays as strong as he has been. His power is rumored to be fueled by Sister Abigail. If she truly is gone, the fight between Orton and Wyatt may be more one-sided than would have been expected. Perhaps that is even why Randy burnt the homestead down, to cut off Bray’s source of power.

The defiance Randy Orton showed the Wyatt clan by desecrating Sister Abigail’s grave, and his declaration of contending for the title may make this year’s WWE Wrestlemania event rather chaotic. AJ Styles had already earned a spot to contend for the championship, but with the Orton/Wyatt feud going on, it remains to be seen what exactly will happen. A Triple Threat is certainly a possibility.

AJ Styles’ spot in Wrestlemania is not solid, though, as the recent turn of events potentially changes the rankings of the various contenders. According to Sky Sports,

“AJ Styles had earlier beaten former Wyatt Family member Luke Harper with a 450 Splash to seemingly secure a title tilt against Wyatt in Orlando. However, Smackdown General Manager Daniel Bryan and Commissioner Shane McMahon later announced that Orton’s change of heart means there is currently no No 1 contender.”

AJ Styles
[Image by Moses Robinson/Getty Images]

Styles’ victory in the key match for Wrestlemania over Luke Harper was also controversial, as McMahon restarted the match after the referee missed a call. The resulting restart (and McMahon getting in the way of a Harper kick) resulted in Styles’ win and securing a position at Wrestlemania.

So what are your thoughts on Randy Orton’s betrayal of Bray Wyatt and the desecration of Sister Abigail’s grave? Tell us what you think in the comments section below!

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