WWE Rumors: More Details On Alleged Tom Phillips Affair Revealed In Interview

This past weekend, the internet wrestling community was abuzz with rumors that WWE announcer Tom Phillips had an affair with a woman he met online despite being engaged to his fiancee. At that time, reports had centered on the sexually graphic nature of Phillips’ conversations with the woman, as well as a few social media quotes from her, but a leading wrestling publication recently took the time to talk to the woman herself as she discussed more specifics on her relationship with Phillips.

On Friday night, an Instagram user with the handle “missythetattooedgirl” took to social media to allege that the very much engaged Tom Phillips was having an affair with her while not letting her know of his real relationship status. As WrestleZone and many other sites had documented, the conversation had gotten very sexually charged, especially one day when Phillips was talking to her while on a flight.

Yesterday, Wrestling Inc. interviewed the woman, who was identified with the first name Missy, but not referred to by her full name due to privacy reasons. In the long and detailed interview, Missy explained how the relationship had started a little more than a month ago after a comment she made on one of Tom’s Instagram pictures.

According to Missy, the simple hi’s and hello’s soon moved into conversations about wrestling and her tattoos, with Phillips apparently impressed by the latter despite not being inked himself. That would ultimately lead to the two of them flirting “a little bit,” as well as Missy asking Tom about his relationship status.

“He started to say they were attractive, the tattoos, that I was the polar opposite of what he looks like. I had asked in (direct message) actually whether or not he was seeing anybody, if he was single, married, and he said no I am single and ‘living the dream.'”

According to Missy, she’s a wrestling fan who is familiar with Tom Phillips, and she has long been a fan of his. But through the course of the alleged affair, she had no idea that he was engaged to another woman, instead focusing on her admiration of his work as a commentator. And what had started as Missy innocently liking and commenting on one of Tom’s photos had progressed on to more direct messages on Instagram and text messages as they exchanged phone numbers.

“There is not a day that went by up until this past Thursday, we’ve spoken every single day. Every night he would FaceTime, so I was not catfished, some people accused that of happening. I saw his face. We FaceTimed before, we talked every single day (and) text messaged.”

On Thursday, things took a strange and uncomfortable turn as Missy claims Tom Phillips was reprimanded by WWE’s human resources department, as it turned out that he was talking to the woman using his company cell phone. This had upset Missy, as Phillips’ supposed use of a company phone had exposed their conversations. She also talked about the vulgar messages Phillips had allegedly sent while on a flight and explained that this was par for the course and all part of how they would flirt with each other.

Missy added that with WWE “coming down on” Tom Phillips due to what seemed like an affair facilitated through company property, he had become “paranoid” and offered that they speak on Snapchat instead so that his messages would almost instantly disappear. Unfortunately, that was also the time when she noticed some “red flags” as the two were planning to meet up in person when WWE headed to Brooklyn, which is near Missy’s hometown of Queens.

“My friends took a picture of the phone because we were both in shock that he decided to turn this into a date, and then I asked him very plainly, ‘Why do you not have a personal cell phone to speak to me on?’ He said he just never needed one, he’s always been about just his career. I said, ‘I don’t understand, do you not have a personal life? Do you not have anyone to go home to?’ And he kept saying no.”

On Friday, one of Missy’s friends had decided to do some research and uncovered an engagement video supposedly created by Phillips. And when she tried to contact Tom about the engagement video, he had already deleted his Snapchat and set his other social media accounts to private, leaving them with no way to touch base on the shocking revelation.

“I was so blown away by the fact that he could talk to me every single day and still somehow be planning a wedding,” Missy lamented.

Up to now, the Instagram user called “missythetattooedgirl” is still hoping and waiting for an explanation from Tom Phillips. Since she outed the affair late last week, Phillips’ fiancee has blocked her on Instagram, and the brouhaha has become such that Missy has chosen to disable her Instagram after initially setting her social media accounts to private as Phillips did.

In conclusion, Missy told Wrestling Inc. that she didn’t mean to embarrass anyone by publicizing the alleged Tom Phillips affair, and she apologizes for “any hurt and pain” she may have caused to the other parties involved.

As of Tuesday night, Phillips remains on the SmackDown Live and 205 Live announce teams, and there’s been no word yet of any further sanctions levied against the controversial announcer.

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