WWE News: Chris Jericho’s Run With WWE Will Be Extended Beyond ‘Wrestlemania 33’

Chris Jericho’s run with WWE has been rumored to end almost immediately after Wrestlemania 33, but his schedule has been revealed, and he may stay on WWE television longer than expected. Originally, Jericho’s run was meant to last through Wrestlemania 32. However, four months eventually became six, that became a year, and now he’s going to be featured on WWE television after Wrestlemania 33.

Ever since Kevin Owens debuted the “List of KO,” betrayed and injured Jericho, he hasn’t been featured on WWE television to sell the injuries. Jericho was recently seen at a WWE live event in Germany on crutches and a neck brace. Kevin Owens will defend the WWE Universal Championship against Goldberg this Sunday at WWE FastLane. It’s not confirmed, but there is a chance that Jericho will return during the title match.

The rivalry between Jericho and Owens has been building for quite some time. It’s classic WWE storytelling for most partnerships or tag teams to end in betrayal. WWE did a great job booking their dynamic over the past six months, but now Jericho vs. Owens is finally happening at Wrestlemania. With Jericho’s time being extended with WWE, will the rivalry continue between them beyond the grandest stage of them all?

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Before the WWE Universe gets into a frenzy, Jericho’s time with WWE isn’t going to be extensive. According to a report, Jericho is scheduled to begin touring with Fozzy in May. However, he’s still being advertised for WWE live events throughout April and is advertised for the WWE Payback PPV at the end of the month. It seems that no matter what happens at Wrestlemania, Jericho and Owens rivalry will continue to ‘Payback.’

What’s interesting is the report is also claiming that Jericho is scheduled for the “Download Music Festival” on June 11 with Fozzy. After that appearance, not much is known about Fozzy’s touring schedule, and it’s being said that Y2J could return to WWE programming in mid to late June. It’s unclear how Jericho and WWE would work out his time with Fozzy over the summer, but he could only miss six weeks of television.

Both emotionally and physically, Owens’ attack on Jericho was devastating. The point of that was not only to build towards their match at Wrestlemania 33, but there have been some nagging injuries for Jericho. A few weeks off will get him ready for Owens while he’s feuding with Goldberg headed into WWE FastLane. After Wrestlemania, Jericho missing all of May and a lot of June will get him healthy for the summer and WWE Summerslam.

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It has to be noted that Chris Jericho is still the WWE United States Champion. He’s nearing the thirty-day deadline to defend the title, which means he could be stripped of the championship the same way WWE did with Naomi on SmackDown. However, it is far more likely that he will drop the US Title to Kevin Owens at Wrestlemania or WWE Payback. If Jericho returns to WWE in June, their feud can continue over the title.

There is no question that the WWE fans have sided with Chris Jericho over Kevin Owens in their feud. The latter is a natural heel, and Y2J has been on the cusp on a face turn for months. “The List of Jericho” is one of the most popular things in WWE over the past six months, so Jericho’s pursuit of adding Owens’ name to the list will be something the fans will get behind, especially after Owens drops the WWE Universal Title.

A month and one more WWE PPV may not seem like a lot of time, but it could change how WWE books the feud between Jericho and Owens. The expectation is Jericho will put over Owens on his way out, but having another match at WWE Payback will allow them to end their feud for whenever Jericho returns to WWE.

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