WWE News: Chris Jericho Returns At House Show

According to a Reddit post, Chris Jericho made an appearance at a house show in Germany, albeit in a neck brace and using crutches. This is most likely to sell the injuries inflicted on him during the “Festival of Friendship” on Raw last week when former best friend Kevin Owens turned on Jericho.

Jericho got to the ring and cut a promo saying he would get his revenge on Kevin Owens. It is still unclear when Jericho will return to action. He will most likely be getting his hands on Kevin Owens soon, and he might also be dropping the United States Championship. Whether he will drop it to Owens or someone else is also unknown.

Last February 13, Jericho and Owens hosted a “Festival of Friendship” on Raw. The segment also featured the return of former WWE Superstar Gillberg, who was a stand-in for Goldberg. Gillberg was quickly beaten up and the segment continued.

Former WWE Superstar Gillberg makes an appearance. [Image by WWE]

Jericho then unveiled a painting which he called “The Creation of Kevin,” a parody of the famous artwork by Michaelangelo, “The Creation of Adam.” Owens revealed that he had gotten a gift for Jericho. He gave Jericho his own list, but then Jericho had one big question.

“Why’s my name on this?”

Moments after, Owens viciously assaulted Jericho and sent him through an LED screen. Jericho would be noticeably absent from this week’s episode of Raw. WWE also had much to say about the events that transpired during the Festival.

Give Chris Jericho credit: He knows he put Kevin Owens in a tough spot in accepting a WWE Universal Title Match with Goldberg on his friend’s behalf, and he tried his best to make it up to KO. Alas, it did not work.

Jericho’s “Festival of Friendship” was a show of extravagance unlike anything the WWE Universe had ever seen. The G.O.A.T. went the extra mile in showering Owens (who had spent the time before the festival in mysterious conference with Triple H) with gifts, from a Ralph Guggenheim original to a Michelangelo-inspired masterpiece to a magician who wasn’t very good, and he made The List. He seemed to cap things off by calling Goldberg himself out for a beating, only it turned out to be Gillberg, and an unimpressed Owens quickly destroyed him before asking Jericho, point-blank, what the point of all this was.

Jericho launched, as a result, into a heartfelt thank-you speech to Owens for making his year that much better, and promised he would help Owens defeat Goldberg at WWE Fastlane as his best friend and brother. Seemingly humbled, Owens presented Jericho with a brand-new List — The List of KO, with Jericho’s name as the only one on it. And you know what happens when someone makes The List: Owens destroyed his best friend with savage abandon, administering an apron powerbomb before slamming Jericho face-first into the LED screen that had been set up in the ring.

With Owens set to defend his Universal Championship against Goldberg at Fastlane it will be exciting to see how the story progresses. Many are anticipating Goldberg’s Wrestlemania 33 opponent Brock Lesnar to interfere to cost Goldberg his title match, while others speculate that Goldberg will fight Lesnar for the Universal Championship at Wrestlemania 33.

Jericho unveils ‘The Creation of Kevin.’ [Image by WWE]

One thing that is indeed certain is that Owens and Jericho are bound for a showdown at Wrestlemania 33. The duo will finally lay their hands on each other since bonding together in August. What was one of the slow-burn stories of the WWE will finally reach its much-awaited conclusion. Fans are excited to see the payoff to the feud, which has been brewing for months. It was teased in December after Jericho interfered at Roadblock: End of the Line but that was ultimately a ruse by the tandem. Now they are finally fighting, and all eyes are on them.

[Featured Image by WWE]

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