Kellyanne Conway Speaks On Oval Office Gaffe, But Twitter Has Its Own Theories

Kellyanne Conway has spoken, and naturally the adviser to Donald Trump and the woman of the hour is taking a stand insisting that she has no intention whatsoever to debase the Oval Office and what it stands for.

On Monday, what could have transpired as an ordinary and supposedly innocuous gathering of the leaders from various Historically Black Colleges and Universities or HBCUs inside the Oval Office has unexpectedly stirred quite a controversy and set the Internet abuzz.

Kellyanne Conway Was Photographed Kneeling Down On The Oval Office Couch.
Kellyanne Conway Was Pictured On The Oval Office Couch As President Donald Trump Meets With HBCU Leaders. [Image By Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP Images]

Kellyanne Conway was pictured comfortably kneeling down on the couch at the Oval Office with her shoes on while she was busy on her mobile phone, the New York Daily News reported. People who saw it and deemed that it was indecorous and disrespectful took to Twitter to voice their displeasure.

Dubbed as a “Leadership Listening Session” by the White House, the meeting with President Donald Trump and Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos in the Oval Office was attended by more than sixty presidents and chancellors of HBCUs in order to come up with a means to better the quality of education and infrastructure in the said campuses. This was also made to show the commitment of the Trump administration to prioritize the HBCUs.

In her defense, Kellyanne Conway said that her pose inside the Oval Office that was widely criticized had to happen because that was what the instance at that time gave her, the Washington Post wrote.

“I was being asked to take a picture in a crowded room with the press behind us,” said Kellyanne Conway speaking on the Lou Dobbs Tonight of the Fox Business Network. “And I was asked to take a certain angle and was doing exactly that. I certainly meant no disrespect, I didn’t mean to have my feet on the couch.”

Kellyanne Conway also took a jab at the members of the left wing and condemned the shot made at her, which she called venomous, vicious, and something that had adverse effect on her kids. Looking at the silver lining, Conway was hoping that something positive would come out of this Oval Office hoopla, and that people would now talk about respecting the office and the president himself even more.

While Kellyanne Conway has already spoken to air her side of things, we have to say that somehow her response is just equally as awaited as the reaction from the web. You know that it’s just a matter of time, and the counsel for Donald Trump had it coming to her because of her seemingly tactless act inside the Oval Office.

So, forget about what Kellyanne Conway had to say because the internet was already convinced beyond any doubt why she had to do what she just did. Here are just some of their take,

Kellyanne Conway was, in fact, just doing her job as an adviser for her boss. It seems like Donald Trump could use some help and she was there to rescue.

The 50-year-old Republican Party campaign manager was also into the Pokemon Go craze, and she could have been just lost in the moment trying to catch one. And, we’re pretty sure many would understand.

She was just following the lead of the previous administration. Why change what has been a custom set by your predecessors, right?

Kellyanne Conway was not really in the mood to talk, or just not that into the people around her at that time. And, she just opted for that go-to move of pretending to be texting. We’ve all been there so let’s just cut her some slack.

She got injured during the “Bowling Green Massacre.”

Lastly, some Twitter users were also quick to point out that there’s actually another former head of state apart from Obama whom they think has desecrated the oval office and its now infamous couch before Kellyanne Conway did. But, out of discretion, let’s just not push it and go that far back beyond Barack. Anyone agree?

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