‘Overwatch’ Devs Are Still Working With Sony To Bring Custom Game Names To PS4

In an update to the original article, Blizzard has confirmed that they are in the process of getting custom game names to the PlayStation 4. Now that the game browser update for Overwatch is out, Xbox One and PC users have been enjoying creating and naming their own custom rulesets within the game this week. Unfortunately, as players have discovered, Sony has prevented PlayStation 4 owners from being able to similarly name their custom game matches due to issues with PlayStation naming policies. Thankfully, Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan has reassured fans that Blizzard is currently working with Sony to come up with a solution that will allow PS4 players to also name their custom games is the same ways that are already possible on Xbox and PC.

“We will add the ability for you to name your Custom Game on PS4. There is just some additional work we need to do in order to be compliant with Playstation’s user generated content naming policy.

We’re sorry that you cannot name games like the other platforms can right now but you will be able to do so in the near future.”

Fans can create custom games, join others’ personally tailored games, and earn experience with the new Overwatch Game Browser. In an update released today, players on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One can make their own games or use the Game Browser to find the perfect match. Although the option to make a custom game was available long before today’s update, players can now share their creations with others and earn experience toward their next level in the mode.

With the Game Browser, all players can create their own custom Overwatch scenarios and then share them with their community. Players can adjust many aspects of the game with the Custom Game tools including, but not limited to, increasing health, reducing cooldowns, disabling abilities, increasing projectile speed, and much more. The mode even support matches against the AI.

Game Browser and Custom Game experience now live in Overwatch
Bastion is very different after today's update [Image by Blizzard Entertainment]

After a player has everything in order, they can choose to share their creation on the Game Browser. It can be made public, accessible to only friends, or restricted to those that the creator invites as detailed on Battle.net.


After a small update, likely less than two gigabytes, players on all platforms can start creating and sharing their games. To find the new Game Browser or create a custom game, players need to select Arcade in Overwatch. The current Arcade modes are on the left while the “Find Game” and “Create Game” options are now on the right. Players can start browsing or creating from these selections.

“If you’re not in the mood to spin up your own mad-scientist ruleset, simply select Find Game from the Arcade menu. There you’ll find a list of player-curated games that don’t involve any matchmaking. You can browse the list, hunt for a specific keyword by typing in the search field, or filter the list by mode, map, or hero. Once you find something that interests you, select the game and dive in.”

Not to mention, the revamped Custom Game options also include the capture the flag mode introduced during the Lunar New Year event. As the Inquisitr reported, the mode was removed after the event ended earlier this month. Now players can use the Custom Game options to create their own capture the flag match. There are even new maps that support the mode in the Custom Game options.

The capture the flag mode is back as an option in Custom Games [Image by Blizzard Entertainment]

Unfortunately, wins in a custom game do not count toward the nine weekly wins for extra Arcade boxes. Players will accumulate experience in custom games, though. Like other Overwatch activities, experience is seemingly earned for the amount of time spent playing a match. Another drawback of the new Custom Games and Game Browser feature is that matches customized by players are not saved after they are exited. A player that creates and plays their creation cannot save the settings and play it again after the Custom Game has been left. Overwatch developers already stated on the game’s official forums that the ability to save a Custom Game’s settings will appear in the future. Saving is currently not an option at the Game Browser’s launch.

“We eventually want to give you the ability to save your own presets but it won’t make the first version of the feature.”

In addition to the Game Browser and Custom Game experience, today’s update also added a few sensitivity options for specific abilities for Ana, Mercy, Sombra, Widowmaker, Zarya, and Zenyatta. According to the patch notes, Bastion’s major update is now live, Mei can be targeted by allies when using Cryo-Freeze, Roadhog’s Chain Hook is a little different, and console players should notice a slight damage increase to both Symmetra’s and Torbjörn’s turrets. A few changes to map balance and a number of bug fixes are also part of the update. Overwatch players on all platforms can download the update now.

[Featured Image by Blizzard Entertainment]