March 5, 2017
LuLaRoe Under Fire For Allegedly Ripped Leggings, Overcharging Customers

LuLaRoe is a very popular leggings company. If you are on social networks, you are constantly seeing LuLaRoe pop-up sales and people showing off what they got from this company. Now Good Housekeeping is sharing that LuLaRoe is under fire for a couple of things. People are not happy and complaining about ripped leggings and even being overcharged on taxes.

People who sell LuLaRoe do it at pop-up parties online and at homes. These are sold by people who are consultants. LuLaRoe is known for comfy clothing. They offer $25 leggings, but they also have dresses and shirts that look stylish, but are comfy as well. Now LuLaRoe is under fire because customers are saying these $25 leggings aren't worth the price they are paying for them due to quality.

Customers are upset about rips in the leggings. Normally when you buy leggings, they are thicker and not like pantyhose, but LuLaRoe leggings are being compared to the material of pantyhose, which are known for ripping. A post from LuLaRoe consultant Jessica Martin shared the details about how to take care of your leggings. She says to treat your LuLaRoe leggings just like pantyhose. Here are her tips.

"Helpful Tips Thursday!!With all the new members and ladies new to LuLaRoe I wanted to remind everyone how to keep your LuLa looking just as amazing as the day it was purchased!????MOST IMPORTANT- Make sure you buy the correct size to avoid holes!????Always wash your LuLaRoe separately in COLD Water! Or you will be sad!!????Keep a separate LuLaRoe laundry basket and turn clothes inside out when you take them off to make laundry easier.????DO NOT wash your LuLaRoe with any other clothing (especially bras! The clasps can make holes in any clothing!)????Hang dry on a hanger or drying rack! Do Not I REPEAT Do Not put your LuLaRoe in the dryer!!! Or you will be Sad????????Be careful when wearing bracelets and watches not to snag them on your leggings and create tiny holes!????Most importantly Do Not let your husband wash your LuLaRoe for everyone's safety!! LOL????I hope these tips help to keep your LuLaRoe looking as gorgeous as the day you got it!????XO <3 Jess"
These are a lot of rules to follow to keep a $25 pair of leggings from ripping. A lot of people are upset about LuLaRoe consultants saying that you should do this much to keep them safe.

Another thing that LuLaRoe is in trouble with customers for is allegedly overcharging on tax. Rachael Webster, a Pennsylvania native, who was charged $35.16 for sales tax on a LuLaRoe purchase made in 2016 is upset and filed a lawsuit against LuLaRoe. You aren't supposed to be charge sales tax on clothing in Pennsylvania. The lawsuit says, "Defendant overcharges buyers up to 10.25% every time a consultant who lives in a jurisdiction that taxes clothing makes a sale where delivery is made to a jurisdiction that does not." The lawyer thinks there were a lot of people charged taxes on their LuLaRoe purchases that shouldn't have been. Over 200 people have even complained to the Better Business Bureau about LuLaRoe.

So, LuLaRoe did give a statement on their thoughts. They shared that LuLaRoe customers can get refunds or exchanges if they have issues and to contact your consultant. They aren't denying that LuLaRoe might have been overcharging on taxes either. They had an issue and are fixing it plus reimbursing anyone that was overcharged on their LuLaRoe purchase.

Now LuLaRoe has a lot of people upset over leggings that are considered racist. The Inquisitr shared about these leggings, especially a pair they recalled that they call "sock monkeys."

Are you shocked by these claims against LuLaRoe? What do you think about LuLaRoe leggings? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts.

[Featured Image by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]