Alex Strategos: ‘Millie Weeks’, AKA Melissa Friedrich, The Internet Black Widow

You can’t tell by her looks now. However, gold-digging Melissa Friedrich used to be a looker. Police say not only was she a beautiful gold digger, but she was also a killer. Alex Strategos survived her alleged poisoning attack. He will tell his story tonight on Investigation Discovery Channel’s Web Of Lies. The episode that will chronicle the case is “Tainted Love.” Although her love was tainted, Melissa Friedrich, also known as Millie Weeks, allegedly tainted the blood of her victims with poison. On this latest Web Of Lies episode, expect chilling re-creations, along with gripping commentary by family members and police detectives.

On Web Of Lies: He Survived, They Didn’t

Investigation Discovery’s Web Of Lies will recount the story of Alex Strategos, an elderly man who fell for the charms of Melissa Friedrich (Millie Weeks). Authorities say Alex Strategos developed a mysterious illness after meeting Melissa, a woman he’d met on an Internet Christian dating site. According to him, they met between 2003 and 2004 online. Then she drove from her home in Canada to Florida to visit him. He was excited to meet her, stating that she was a beautiful woman who seemed classy and nice.

When he arrived, Alex Strategos couldn’t have been happier. Although Melissa Friedrich was an older woman, she had beautiful dark hair and brows and still had a voluptuous figure. They had a romantic dinner at a nearby restaurant, and then they returned to his room. They had sex on the first date. And no. Alex hadn’t taken advantage of her. He told her that he only had one bed. She agreed to spend the night, later deciding to move in completely.

That same night, he became ill. And the illnesses continued the entire time that Melissa Friedrich was there. Soon Alex Strategos’ son believed that his new Internet lover was behind it. Eventually, it was discovered that Alex Strategos was being poisoned.

And that wasn’t all.

Melissa, aka Millie, had actually stolen thousands of dollars from the well-to-do old man. At last count, Alex Strategos thinks she stole almost $20,000 from him.

Digging Into A Murderous Gold Digger’s Background

When Florida police began digging into Melissa’s background, they discovered that she had a lengthy criminal record, which included multiple fraud cases and thefts.

Her record also included two dead husbands. The Daily Mail reported that her second husband, Gordon Stewart, was killed in 1991 after she ran over him with her car. Melissa told investigators that Gordon Stewart had raped her, and that she killed him to get away. She was jailed after drugs were found in his system.

After her release years later, Melissa became a victim’s advocate for domestic violence, often telling her story on national television.

Melissa’s former husband, 44-year-old Robert Friedrich, was also murdered. In that case, authorities say that Robert, who she met on a Christian singles site, became ill and died. The family believed that she had poisoned him. However, she was never brought to justice in that case.

And it didn’t stop there for the calculating queen of Internet killing. She also tried to kill a man named Fred Weeks, a 75-year-old gent who fell sick after getting involved with Melissa.

Melissa just couldn’t seem to stay out of trouble. Her crimes go all the way back to when she was a very young woman living in Nova Scotia, Canada. Here are some other details about Melissa Friedrich, according to National Post News.

  • After becoming a spokesperson for battered women syndrome, she won a government grant.
  • At night, when Melissa tucked Alex Strategos in bed, she would always offer him a bowl of ice cream.

To see how detectives unraveled the mangled case of Melissa Friedrich (Millie Weeks), tune into Wed Of Lies this Wednesday night at 9/8 p.m. Central on Investigation Discovery. Last week’s Web Of Lies dealt with the sad case of another man who was duped and killed by a woman. Read about the case of Ray Merrill and his deadly Brazilian beauty.

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