Lacey Spears, Garnett Spears: Investigation Discovery Plays Out Salt Poisoning Death Of Child Killed By Mommy Blogger On ‘Web Of Lies’

Lacey Spears, the mother who killed her 5-year old son, Garnett, by poisoning him with salt, is the next murder case to be featured on the documentary TV series Web Of Lies on Investigation Discovery. The hit crime series examines cases of murder that involve the Internet in some way. Tonight’s episode, entitled “The Sick Boy,” examines the case of a mommy blogger who gained popularity on the web by sharing intimate details of her life as the mother of a sick son. Investigation Discovery’s Web Of Lies will have experts speaking about the case, as well some associates or family members that may have knowledge about Lacey Spears.

Web Of Lies on ID will show you how the Lacey Spears’ case made headlines all over the world, as journalists filled the pages of newspapers and magazines with the story of “Salt Mom,” a woman who had slowly poisoned her own child to death to gain sympathy, attention, and support from her online circle of friends, according to the New York Daily News. Doctors at the local hospital in New York immediately became suspicious when they found high levels of salt in the boy’s system. Lacey had been feeding her son through a feeding tube that was inserted in his tummy.

Detectives were eventually called in once the boy died in the hospital after being on life support. The entire time that he was sick, his mother, Lacey Spears, updated her Facebook page and online community with details of his sickness, asking people to pray for son, Web Of Lies will bring out. Investigators also found a hospital video that showed Lacey Spears watching her son as he lay in the hospital bed, knowing what she had done to put him there. It was a scene that at least one juror at her trial indicated gave him the creeps.

Lacey Spears, 27, had problems all of her life. People who knew her say that she was a manipulative person who was capable of making up lies and spreading rumors about a person. A close friend talked about Lacey’s relationship with her son, Garnett — an adorable 5-year-old boy who seemed to be very attached to his mom.

The friend, who wanted to remain anonymous, spoke with HLN, where she stated that she once witnessed Lacey Spears pushing her son’s head under water because she became frustrated with him. The friend removed Garnett from the tub, dried him off, and then left the home for a few hours, until Lacey could calm down. Hours later, Lacey apologized to her son and her friend, asking her friend to try to remember a time when she herself had lost control. The friend told Lacey that she had never lost control to that point, and that what she did to Garnett wasn’t normal. The incident would be a precursor to what would eventually follow.

Not long before his death, another friend stated that Garnett made her promise that she would come by his home to get him. Sadly, it was a promise that she didn’t keep, according to Lohud. The Lacey Spears case is one that makes everyone take second look at the people they might meet online. In this case, a doting mother who seemed to love her child, expressing it daily on her Facebook page and blog, where she talked about how wonderful and blessed she was to be a mother. All of that, knowing that her home life didn’t measure up to her online persona.

Spears’ online community of mothers were shocked to learn that they were duped into believing and sympathizing with her misdeeds. A jury finally gave Garnett the justice he deserved by finding her guilty of murder and sentencing her to over 20 years in prison.

While you wait for tonight’s Web Of Lies, which airs tonight at 9 p.m., take a look at another case that was featured on the Investigation Discovery show, such as the case of Angela Allen, a teen who went missing but was later killed by a sex offender.

HLN Interview Friend Says Lacey Spears Tried To Drown Son

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