Angela Allen, Lloyd Jones: ‘Web Of Lies’ Spotlights Arkansas Teen Found Stuffed In A Barrel By Sex Offender She Met Online

Angela Allen, aka Angela Dawn Allen, the missing 16-year old Arkansas girl who was abducted and killed by a man she met online, will be the spotlighted story to air on Investigation Discovery’s Web of Lies, a documentary crime show that brings you horrifying stories of people who’ve become victims of online predators. In Wednesday’s Web of Lies, episode entitled ‘Bitter Sweet Sixteen,’ #IDaddicts will hear the disturbing details of how a convicted sex offender lured a young junior high school girl to her death. For her senseless death, a jury convicted him for murder and sentenced him to 60 years in the penitentiary.

On Investigation Discovery’s Web of Lies, you’ll learn that Angela Allen went missing from her Van Buren, Arkansas home in 2012. Family members say they last spoke with her earlier that evening when she told them that she was going for a short walk. A walk around the neighborhood wasn’t anything out of the ordinary for Angela, who often enjoyed taking short walks. But, this time, investigators say the Butterfield Junior High School teen never returned home.

Immediately family and friends got together to search for Angela, but there was no sign of her. The police were called in and later the FBI. A trace of Angela’s cell phone records revealed that she had been texting and chatting with someone that she met online. But, it’s worse. The man was a convicted sex offender who posed as a teenage boy. And that’s who Angela Allen thought she was meeting that day—a boy she met online.

To her horror, it was a scrubby 36-year old man named Lloyd Jones, and his criminal history included—aggravated assault with a box cutter and forcible rape and sodomy. Once investigators traced the number back to Jones, they immediately recognized him as the violent sex offender who lived just a few short miles away. When detectives searched his family’s property in Lavaca, they found a shallow grave with a blue 50 pound barrel sticking up out of the partially muddy surrounding. Inside the barrel was the body of of a white teenage female, wearing the same clothing that Angela Allen was last seen in. An autopsy report confirmed that it was her. It also confirmed that the cause of death was strangulation.

Lloyd Jones eventually told police that he killed Angela Allen in a panic after he picked her up and found out that she was just 16 years old. According to him, he pushed her into the Arkansas River, a place where they had gone to kiss. However, the autopsy report did not find that the girl had drowned.

Angela Allen’s loved ones say that she didn’t deserve what happened to her, and that she was an outgoing girl who loved her family very much. In an interview with Nancy Grace, the teen’s mother described her this way, according to CNN.

“Angela was a fun loving child. She was trusting. She loved children. She loved her school. She loved her church. She just loved — she just loved life. She would find the most simplest thing – thing, she would get the simplest joy out of it. She just loved life. If she saw one of her friends that looked kind of down, she would run up to them and hug them and tell them that she loved them and that everything would be all right. And she`d get a smile out of her friend`s face.”

Judging by the crime scene, it looked like it was a rushed job. It appeared that something happened and Jones had to quickly get rid of the body. Detectives found the remains of the girl literally stuffed and pushed down inside the barrel. Her shocked family had no idea that she was texting and planning to meet a man from an online website. Now, they are urging parents and other family members to monitor what their teens are doing online.

Don’t forget to watch Web of Lies on Investigation Discovery this Wednesday at 9/8 central. After the show, use hashtag #WebOfLies to discuss the case.

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