Bob Harper Heart Attack At Gym: 'Biggest Loser' Star's Fitness & Ex-Vegan Diet

Bob Harper, famed for his role on The Biggest Loser, seemed invincible. Harper was known for his tough workouts and dedication to diet, writing books about weight loss and appearing on talk shows to dish up diet and fitness recommendations as well as starring on The Biggest Loser. Consequently, when the news broke that Bob had suffered a heart attack while working out, it shocked his fans and followers.

On Monday, February 27, Harper tweeted an update to the bombshell about his heart attack, expressing his appreciation for the well wishes, noted Us Weekly.

"As you've heard, I had a heart attack 2 weeks ago. I'm on the mend now & want to thank everyone for the outpouring of messages and support," tweeted the Biggest Loser weight-loss guru.

Bob Harper shocked fans with the news that he had a heart attack.
Bob Harper shocked fans with the news that he had a heart attack. [Image by Brad Barket/Getty Images]

An insider told Us Weekly that although the heart attack was "very scary," it "runs in his family." Bob's mother died of a heart attack, according to the media outlet.

The 51-year-old has starred on The Biggest Loser for all 17 seasons, but a second insider told Us that genetics might not be the only reason for his heart attack.

"[Bob Harper] pushes himself too hard."

The heart attack occurred when Bob was working out in a gym in New York City approximately two weeks ago. Harper collapsed, and a doctor who was working out at the gym administered CPR, using paddles to save Bob.

Taken to the hospital following his heart attack, Harper regained consciousness after two days and remained in the hospital for eight days total. A cryptic photo that The Biggest Loser star posted to Instagram showed a candle and a stack of photos with a hint about his heart attack in the caption.

"My word of the day... LUCKY."

Bob, known for his competitive attitude against former Biggest Loser trainer Jillian Michaels on the famous weight-loss reality TV show, rose to the position of host after Alison Sweeney stepped down.

As for the insider's comment to Us Weekly that Harper "pushes himself too hard," which might have contributed to the heart attack, the Biggest Loser trainer is known for pushing not just his contestants on The Biggest Loser to exercise but also himself.

Bob also has become known for supporting functional fitness, reported BarBend.

Harper has discussed his passion for CrossFit-style training and classes, and the media outlet noted that the exercise guru has become known as a "fixture in CrossFit affiliates" in Los Angeles and New York City.

As for his diet, Harper is a former vegan who several years ago dished on why he decided to change his diet and return to eating animal protein. Talking with the Los Angeles Times about one of his weight-loss books, Jumpstart to Skinny, The Biggest Loser star revealed that he chose to incorporate animal protein into his diet because he felt his "performance was really lacking in the gym."

Bob confessed that he was initially "quietly eating my egg whites in the morning" until he decided that he "just couldn't help it" and "just couldn't hide it any more."

Bob Harper revealed why he decided to give up his vegan diet.
Bob Harper revealed why he decided to give up his vegan diet. [Image by John Sciulli/Getty Images for Kohl's]

Consequently, a few years later, Harper was candid with the Rachael Ray show about his daily diet for every meal. And although the Biggest Loser star eats animal protein again, he also emphasizes the importance of incorporating vegetables into his menu.

"My breakfast – that's scrambled eggs with zucchini and salsa," said the fitness expert.

"I hit protein, fat and carbs every single time I eat."

Bob keeps fruit and nut butters for snacks and also sips protein shakes. For lunch, he's fond of quinoa pasta, incorporating it into his lunch with dishes such as "eggplant with roasted tomatoes with a quinoa pasta." And for dinner, his newfound passion for animal protein is fulfilled.

"Dinner is one of my favorite ones…I have a huge salad with chicken, and that's what I eat," said Harper.

"I do a chicken – I do it from rotisserie a lot of times, and I strip it off, throw it in there. I wish you could see how big this salad is!"

The Biggest Loser star also emphasized the value of loading up on vegetables. Bob advises dieters to count protein calories and fat calories while benefiting from low-cal veggies.

"I want you to count your protein calories, I want you to count the fat calories," said the weight loss guru. "But when it comes to one is ever going to gain weight from salad or broccoli."

[Featured Image by John Sciulli/Getty Images]