Pioneer BDR-205 Brings 12x Writer To The Table

Several years ago Blu-Ray players were just beginning to hit multimedia scene in full force. Now Pioneer is looking to progress the movement towards the high definition disks with the Pioneer BDR-205, a 12x Blu-Ray writer for desktop computers, the first of it’s kind available on the consumer computer market.

The player is a 5.25 inch drive and is expected to be factory installed on many high end systems, while also available for system upgrades via retail locations.

The player doesn’t just write Blu-Ray discs as 12x write speeds, it’s also capable of 16x DVD burn speeds and blazing 40x CD write speeds via a SATA connection.

The BDR-205 will start shipping in October for a reasonable $249. Remember when a Blu-Ray player was $500, like a year and a half ago, so much for those times and thanks Pioneer! [Slashgear]