‘Bachelor’ 2017 Spoilers For Week 10: Nick Viall’s Final 2 Are Revealed

Viewers of ABC’s The Bachelor 2017 season were left hanging and disappointed when Monday night’s episode featured just one of the three fantasy suite overnight dates for Nick Viall. The February 27 show was only an hour long due to the premiere of the new mini-series When We Rise, so the other two overnights in Finland will air in Week 10. What spoilers are available for what is coming up next?

As was previously reported by the Inquisitr, the Bachelor schedule shifts a bit for the next couple of episodes, although the finale date doesn’t change at all. The Week 10 show will include Nick Viall’s fantasy suite overnights with Rachel Lindsay and Vanessa Grimaldi, and this episode will be just an hour long as well. However, fans will want to stay tuned because the “Women Tell All” special airs on Monday, March 6 as well.

Viewers got to see Raven Gates begin her overnight date with Nick and she revealed a juicy secret in that she has only previously had sex with one man and apparently she has never before managed to experience full satisfaction, so to speak, with her significant other. As gossip guru Reality Steve teases, the Week 10 show will open up with the aftermath of Gates’ overnight.

Unfortunately, it sounds as if this all may turn into something somewhat similar to what fans got with Catherine Giudici’s wedding to Sean Lowe. As people will remember, Sean and Catherine waited to have sex until their wedding night, and their wedding special focused a great deal on that aspect. In fact, the wedding special went so far as to include a “Honeymoon Cam” in their hotel suite, leaving less time than many would have liked to cover the nuptials and reception. In other words, Bachelor spoilers from Reality Steve hint that much will be made heading into the next show about Raven’s big disclosure and innuendo about whether Nick was able to turn things around for her.

'The Bachelor' 2017 final rose ceremony for Nick Viall is coming soon
Nick Viall’s Finland adventure continues in Episode 10 [Image by KGC-146/STAR MAX/IPx]

Episode 10 will then go on to feature Rachel and Vanessa’s overnights and Bachelor spoilers from Reality Steve reveal that Rachel will have a difficult time opening up to Viall. While this apparently becomes a challenge for them, they do spend the night together in the fantasy suite. As TV Guide notes, the early part of their date involves a reindeer farm and it doesn’t sound as if there’s any obvious drama on this outing. It sounds as if Vanessa’s will be shown last, and there are some obstacles for Viall and Grimaldi to work through on this one as well.

Reality Steve’s spoilers say that Nick and Vanessa’s date will show them running back and forth outside into the cold in their swimsuits to dip into the freezing water, and they will talk about how their families differ in terms of being traditional or not. Grimaldi shares that her family is very traditional, whereas Viall says that his family isn’t.

The conversation between Nick and Vanessa gets even more serious as they talk about making compromises and how things would be balanced in the relationship, and Reality Steve’s spoilers hint that she will begin to worry that he may not be willing to compromise anything to be with her. The topic of their geographical distance comes up as well, and the buzz is that this is an issue that becomes a significant challenge.

As viewers know, Nick lives in Los Angeles these days while Vanessa is from Canada. The Bachelor spoilers indicate that she will ask Viall if he would be willing to move to Canada, and while he seemingly tries to sound open to it, he doesn’t exactly agree that he would. The two also talk about how they are similarly hard-headed and stubborn, and this may well become a big challenge for the two later on if their relationship continues.

'Bachelor' Nick Viall will present his final rose soon
Will Nick’s overnights lead to drama in Week 10? [Image by Matt Sayles/Invision for Just Jared/AP Images]

When it comes time for the rose ceremony, Rachel gets eliminated and she has admitted that she was blindsided by this. The Bachelor spoilers share that she will be shown in the limo as she is driven away and she’ll be heartbroken, but the good news is that the network has already confirmed that she’ll go on to be the Bachelorette lead this spring.

The Week 10 episode may only be an hour long, but that doesn’t mean that the drama is over that quickly. The “Women Tell All” special will also air on March 6 and that will start immediately after Rachel’s Finland elimination. This will run for two hours, and then that will set the stage for Viall’s final rose ceremony.

The Bachelor finale for the 2017 season airs on Monday, March 13 and there will be a live “After the Final Rose” special airing that night as well, as has been typical of recent seasons. Will Nick Viall’s final rose ceremony go down as Reality Steve’s spoilers have revealed or could there be a shocker on the way? Viewers are buzzing about what’s coming up next on ABC’s The Bachelor 2017 season and it sounds as if there is plenty of drama slated to play out in the Week 10 episode, the “Women Tell All,” the finale, and the “After the Final Rose.”

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