‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7B Posts Near Record-Breaking Ratings

The Walking Dead has officially pulled off something that most other powerhouse shows in the past have not been able to do. For a Season 7 of a show that was once reported to be in decline in the ratings, The Walking Dead just proved that it never lost its ratings mojo that it obtained nearly from the start.

AMC is known to put out some of the best shows ever to hit cable television, joining the ranks of premium cable network HBO. But AMC has never really reflected that in the ratings until The Walking Dead came along and invented the niche of the horror genre and created an unlimited supply of demand. It is even hard to have ever theorized that a zombie show would have been the type to put the horror genre on the map – but it did.

Now that The Walking Dead has enjoyed monstrous ratings since it crawled to the throne in Season 3, the show stagnated and even declined some over the past few seasons. But it never really lost the throne and now, it has expanded its lead over its closest challengers.

In the Season 7B premiere of The Walking Dead, which was Episode 9, TWD proved that the show could retain and expand its numbers once again by pulling in nearly 17 million viewers. By comparison, that is just below what the Season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead pulled in, which was gigantic to say the least, according to Zap2It.

Let’s just break this down for you and see how The Walking Dead has progressed in its reports over the past two weeks. First of all, Episode 9 of The Walking Dead Season 7 pulled in just over 12 million viewers on the live plus same day viewing. Now what you might be thinking right now is that those numbers are fairly weak for a show like The Walking Dead, but they really are not and by comparison, the only cable TV show that night that even came close to those numbers was The Talking Dead, which pulled in nearly 5 million viewers.

So as time goes by, the measurement of an episode’s ratings is still being counted in what is called a “Live Plus 7 Days” rating. That measures the amount of people who tuned in Sunday, February 12 to watch The Walking Dead, but also the amount of people who recorded the episode on their DVR and watched it at later date in the week. That also includes the people who watched that episode of The Walking Dead on the AMC streaming website.

That episode of The Walking Dead pulled in 12 million viewers on the live airing, and it also pulled in 4.8 million viewers in the Live Plus 7 viewing. That brings the total haul for that episode to 16.8 million viewers, which is still one of the most impressive accomplishments for any show on cable, let alone a horror genre TV show.

Fans of The Walking Dead should make no mistake, the content of these episodes in Season 7B are earning its haul. The storylines in Season 7B have been a bit more progressive, leading fans to see that the core group on The Walking Dead, which is Rick and his warriors, are about to take down the Saviors – to some degree.

Over the past few episodes of The Walking Dead, viewers have been introduced to a new group that is a bit ominous, but they have agreed to join in the fight against Negan. Of course, they have conditions attached to their commitment.

Fans of The Walking Dead also saw that the other main groups, The Kingdom and The Hilltop, have not really signed on for the fight, but they have some detractors that are willing to join.

Watch Episode 12 of The Walking Dead next Sunday on AMC.

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