‘The Walking Dead’ News: Father Gabriel And The Garbage Pail Kids [Video]

The Walking Dead is spinning its own canon on the hit AMC series by divesting itself in some form or another from the comic book source material. It is clear at this point that TWD producers are more than willing to depart from the comic book to help ratchet up the tension on many key scenes in The Walking Dead that fans have not already read about from the original creator, Robert Kirkman.

That is something that The Walking Dead did with the midseason premiere by introducing a new group that has been dubbed by social media users as the “Garbage Pail Kids.” This group of people have already shown their ominous side, but Rick Grimes immediately sees their potential, even though they are forcing Rick and his group to “buy back their lives.”

That also leaves The Walking Dead fans to wonder just how the Garbage Pail Kids relate to the disappearance of Father Gabriel, which Rick and the group have already tried to track him and that is how they ran in to the new group. It does seem reasonable at this point that the Garbage Pail Kids might have indeed had something to do with the Gabriel’s disappearance, given how Episode 8 of The Walking Dead ended and how Episode 9 started. The timeline and chain of events just seems to mesh up.

There is also that fallback theory that many fans of The Walking Dead have already jumped to, which is that Father Gabriel has reverted back to his old ways and took all of the food from Alexandria to hoard it for himself following his abrupt and mysterious departure.

But that is not something that The Walking Dead’s Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) surmised when he spoke with Comic Book. Lincoln gave them a few details about just how relevant Gabriel would be to Episode 10 of The Walking Dead, titled “New Best Friends.”

Although it is unclear why, at this point in Season 7 of The Walking Dead, the main priority that Andrew Lincoln has said that Rick Grimes has is finding Gabriel. Although it is safe to assume that Rick wants to know what happened to all that food that Gabriel took, leaving his own people in the lurch for survival, that does not seem like the sort of thing that he would worry about at a critical time like this where he is about to take on Negan and the Saviors in an all out war for independence.

As a matter of fact, the everyday fan of The Walking Dead might also be scratching his/her head right now and wondering if this is just another plot to extend the storylines for Season 7 of The Walking Dead, thus giving us a repeat of Season 7A and more frustration.

In all, that is highly unlikely. The Walking Dead on AMC is looking to establish its own sub-canon for the show and the appearance of the Garbage Pail Kids gives that concept a solid root to work from. When Father Gabriel disappeared, apparently under no duress, the mystery of the situation gives The Walking Dead a much more intense appeal, thus leading viewers to be more invested in the show in Season 7B.

Fans of The Walking Dead need to remember that the show is in redemption mode right now and it is trying to make better sense of all those semi-boring episodes that took place in Season 7A. For the most part, The Walking Dead Season 7A needs have some sort of payoff, which means that two high-profile situations will give it the momentum it needs to move forward and finish out Season 7.

You can catch The Walking Dead Sundays on AMC.

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