WWE News: Roman Reigns Is Loved By Fans, According To DX Member

When it comes to controversial WWE superstars, there might not be someone more polarizing than Roman Reigns. While thousands of fans cheer for him each week on Monday Night Raw, it seems like the “Roman Sucks” chants are even louder. However, according to former Degeneration X member Road Dogg Jessie James on Twitter, the Roman Reigns hate is only from a minority of fans.

There was a video clip released from a recent house show where Roman Reigns hit a huge spear on Braun Strowman and the crowd went nuts. A fan posted the video on Twitter and was impressed by the spear. That caused Road Dogg to pipe in.

“look at the crowd when it happens. The antiestablishment minority doesn’t want you to know that reaction!”

From the sound of it, Road Dogg doesn’t think Roman Reigns haters want anyone to know that there are still fans who love and cheer for the former Shield big man. The interesting statement was that Road Dogg used the term “anti-establishment minority.”

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That is just a funny statement because Road Dogg’s former gimmick was being in a group called Degeneration X, a group that represented the “anti-authority minority.” Of course, at that time, the group wasn’t a minority. And this time around, Road Dogg works for the WWE behind the scenes, making him a part of the authority.

The hate for Roman Reigns comes from fans who felt that he was pushed too soon and people like Vince McMahon wanted him to be the star of the company even if fans continued to boo him. That makes Roman an authority-chosen superstar, which made his battles against the authority figures not work out at all.

Roman Reigns is popular — there is no doubt about that. When television cameras are not rolling, he gets as many cheers as just about any other face. However, when Roman shows up on Monday Night Raw and pay-per-view events, many fans get loud because they know it will put the crowd over on television.

However, there is still the problem that the upper brass want to push Roman Reigns as their chosen star over people the fans actually like even more. If the past is any consideration, the WWE won’t stop regardless of the fans showering Reigns with boos.

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The same thing happened to John Cena.

At one time, John Cena was the most popular wrestling in the WWE. However, as time went on, Cena never changed and remained the same character he always was, growing stale as the years rolled on. More and more fans started to chant that “Cena sucks,” and it became a game to them.

John Cena just accepted this and moved on. Similarly, Roman Reigns has said that he doesn’t mind hearing the boos among the cheers. He knows that getting a reaction is the most important thing in the WWE. Whether they are cheers or boos, the reaction is still loud.

The fact that many, many fans still cheer both Roman Reigns and John Cena at events makes it seem like there is a desire to like both men. The problem isn’t the wrestlers but their booking.


John Cena comes across as boring no matter how good he is in the ring. Roman Reigns carries himself with an attitude that would make him the perfect heel, but the WWE isn’t willing to turn him. As a result, fans boo both men.

Road Dogg sees the Roman Reigns hate as the “anti-authority minority,” but the real hate might be bigger than that and even be directed at the actual WWE authority figures that book the shows.

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