WWE News: Paul Heyman Answers ECW Criticisms By Former Talent

It seems that the main basis for professional wrestling shoot interviews are to dig up dirt from the past and a recent shoot interview threw some dirt on WWE talent Paul Heyman. The interview was from the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast and featured C.W. Anderson, a mid-card wrestler from the final days of ECW.

In the interview, Anderson claimed that Paul Heyman disappeared at the end of ECW’s run and wasn’t there to help save the promotion. One of the key accusations was that Paul Heyman told the talent he was going to Los Angeles to try to work on a deal but it turned out that he was actually shooting a movie.

“I was die-hard to the end because I thought this can’t be it and ECW can’t fold because Paul will figure out something to be done. He always told us that he out in California working on a deal with USA for us but we’ve come to find out that he was filming the movie Rollerball.”

The interview transcript ended up getting back to Paul Heyman and he broke a long-standing rule of not getting involved in gossip to answer these claims concerning ECW. Paul Heyman did this via Twitter and just destroyed C.W. Anderson in his response.

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The biggest response was for Paul Heyman to just let fans know that C.W. Anderson had no idea what he was talking about. Heyman mentioned that the movie that Anderson was talking about – Rollerball – was not filmed in Los Angeles or California at all. It was filmed in Montreal and New York.

Second, the entire demise of ECW took place in 2000-2001. Paul Heyman filmed his Rollerball scenes in June and July 2001, after ECW had already closed its doors. As a matter of fact, Paul Heyman had already joined the WWE and they helped book his role in the movie and promoted it.

It is interesting that someone like CW Anderson would choose now to throw some shade at Paul Heyman for ECW. No one has really heard from Anderson in years and he is just a part of the indie scenes. Most recently, he got some TV time thanks to Impact Wrestling with the Jeff and Matt Hardy tag team title quest storyline.

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In ECW, C.W. Anderson came along at the wrong time. He got a small push with the gimmick that he was part of the legendary Anderson family that included Ole, Lars, and Arn Anderson. He tried out for the company in 1999 and he wrestled until the end, fighting Tommy Dreamer on the final ECW pay-per-view in January 2001.

C.W. Anderson never held a title in ECW while working for Paul Heyman. He did get a chance to work on a bigger stage when the WWE restarted ECW as a new brand in 2006. He only made one television appearance, losing to CM Punk.


Interestingly, Paul Heyman took the high road for much of his response and then drifted off by pointing out that men like Vince McMahon and Brock Lesnar don’t lower themselves to answering gossip and lies spread by people about them. He apologized for stooping to this level.

Then, the claws came out. Paul Heyman decided to make one personal swipe at C.W. Anderson. In the interview, Anderson said he was paid only $75 a night in ECW when other wrestlers made more and he didn’t understand why. Paul Heyman had a good answer for that.

“That was the going rate for a lower level stooge who reported on the locker room to Dreamer. But admittedly, he was a damn good one. PROPS!”

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