Seesmic saves user from necking himself

Social video service Seesmic has intervened in a case where a user threatened to commit suicide, calling police to prevent the user necking himself.

According to The Next Web, Seesmic founder and CEO Loic Le Meur was in Seesmics’ San Fran office watching a big LCD screen where the desperate person was depicted. “People emailed us that he looked very serious”, Le Meur said, “the guy was about to kill himself, what do you do?”

While Seesmic members tried to convince the man to not kill himself, Le Meur called his lawyers, then shortly after called the police after receiving legal advice on Seesmic’s liability. Seesmic provided authorities with an IP address that resulted in Police knocking on the suicidal guys house. The report wasn’t clear though as to what happened next, but we presume some sort of intervention took place.

It’s a first for Seesmic, and the communities role in highlighting the user speaks well for Seesmic as a whole, even if what followed had some Hollywood color to it.