WWE News: Seth Rollins Will Compete At WrestleMania 33, Despite WWE Report

Everything that’s been said about Seth Rollins in the last month is true. Whether it’s been written on a blog or announced on WWE Raw, the Architect made an impact on the WWE Universe in just a short amount of time. While experiencing the highest of highs, his consistent situations of running into bad luck always seems to impede his progress at being a true top player in the WWE. After missing WrestleMania 32, there’s a very small chance he could miss WrestleMania 33.

This feud with Triple H has been building for over a year since it was supposed to happen at AT&T Stadium in 2016. Unfortunately, torn ligaments in his knee kept him out of action for at least five months. He returned and immediately entered the WWE Universal championship picture. Finn Balor won it at SummerSlam against a heel Rollins, but the WWE couldn’t cash in on that opportunity since Balor badly hurt his shoulder.

Finn-Balor Could Potentially Miss WrestleMania
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As it’s seen above, the Demon King was in no condition to wrestle. To this day, he’s not medically cleared. However, moving back to Rollins, he lost a few chances at the Universal Championship, mainly because of Triple H. Until Samoa Joe debuted on WWE Raw and accidentally injured Rollins, he was entrenched in a big WrestleMania 33 program with the COO. That injury immediately had the WWE Universe talking. There was more talk of him potentially missing WrestleMania for a second year in a row.

When the WWE announced he would appear on WWE Raw February 27 to address the WWE fans, that was a huge indication that he would announce participation at WrestleMania. That’s a great assumption, but in an earlier report by the Inquisitr, the WWE said it’s unlikely he will wrestle in Orlando. However, while that’s all well and good, Dave Meltzer is reporting that Seth Rollins will still wrestle at WrestleMania, per a summarized report by SEScoops.com.

“Dave Meltzer reported on Wrestling Observer Radio that Rollins is going to be cleared to wrestle in time for WrestleMania, and says WWE’s claim was just a storyline element. Rollins is recovering from a torn MCL, which WWE is attributing to Samoa Joe’s attack on him earlier this month.

“The most-likely WrestleMania opponent for Rollins is currently Triple H. Triple H is advertised to compete in a six-man tag match at the March 11 house show in Toronto, which could be a sign that he’ll be warming up for the April 2nd pay-per-view.”

This was easily a ploy to get WWE fans thinking about the return of Rollins and what he would say. To their credit, a lot of the audience did believe that there’s a chance he couldn’t make it. A torn MCL is usually 6-to-8 weeks for a full recovery. It was the same knee as well that he hurt in 2015, There’s always a better chance he will hurt that same knee again since it became susceptible to stretching in an exaggerated manner.

Seth Rollins WWE Champion
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As it’s stated in a WrestleZonepreview of Monday Night Raw, Seth Rollins will address his injury. If the WWE follows the same script, Rollins will make a big case for why he shouldn’t wrestle in early April. The WWE Universe will follow with a huge chant telling him to compete and to get revenge on Triple H for all the things he’s done to him. Finally, just as the fans think he will turn down WrestleMania and get healthy, he’ll get up off his seat in a tirade to announce he’s cleared to fight Triple H at WrestleMania. Unless the doctors tell him not to. That’s still a real possibility.

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