El Chapo Getting A Shady Visit From An Actress, Despite Government Warnings

El Chapo, the infamous drug kingpin of the modern era, is in a high-security prison in New York and, according to a previous report from the Inquisitr, is receiving some very harsh treatment. That does not mean, though, that Mr. Chapo (whose actual name is Joaquin Guzman) does not still get visits from beautiful Mexican actresses once in a while.

Just such a visit is happening within the next few months, says El Chapo’s attorney, even though it has previously been expressly forbidden by the Mexican government. The purpose of the visit is to facilitate a meeting between El Chapo Guzman and well-connected Mexican actress Kate del Castillo regarding a very edgy biopic of El Chapo’s life and legacy.

Kate del Castillo [Image by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images]

Mirror is the only other English-language source so far to report that Del Castillo will be flown to Manhattan’s Metropolitan Correctional Center, where El Chapo is being held.

“I am his lawyer and we cannot organize anything,” Mirror reports El Chapo’s attorney said in an interview with Spanish-language newspaper Basta. “Miss Kate del Castillo is the person who will do it.”

He added that the meeting will probably take place in August.

The article does not specify exactly why Del Castillo is the one making the visit, but a little digging into her past reveals what is probably the reason: she has ties, or at least a strong allegiance, to El Chapo.

In early 2016, Del Castillo managed to set up an interview between Sean Penn and El Chapo, despite the fact that, at the time, El Chapo was a free man. The reasons for and repercussions of the interview are discussed by The Guardian, and the Youtube video of the interview itself can be viewed below.

Just the fact that Del Castillo was able to locate and set up an interview with El Chapo shows she has connections to the man and his organization. She undoubtedly knew the Mexican government, who was ruthlessly searching for Guzman at the time, would be none too happy about her heavily publicized meeting with him either — indeed, she did get in a lot of legal trouble for “aiding and abetting” the fugitive. And that shows she values her relationship with El Chapo more so than her relationship with the Mexican authorities, an idea she essentially confirmed during her much more recent interview reported by Mirror.

“I am still having legal problems in Mexico,” Del Castillo reportedly told Basta.

“I have always been very open, direct and I have always talked about the things that bother me or that hurt me a lot in Mexico. Now I am much stronger. I feel I have more strength in order to raise my voice.”

The El Chapo biopic has apparently been in the works for a while, and the Mexican government is, not surprisingly, fairly resistant to the idea. In fact, the Hollywood Reporter relayed in early 2016, the authorities actually sent a letter to Del Castillo ordering her to halt work on the project.

The letter may have given her pause on pressing forward with her El Chapo-focused effort, but the recent words from her attorney and Del Castillo herself are a clear sign that things are finally moving forward.

The project itself (it is not known yet whether it will be a film or a series) should be very edgy, as it looks like it will provide a more authentic and sympathetic version of El Chapo’s rise to full-fledged icon than anything yet seen. The facts that El Chapo himself is being consulted so closely about the project and that Del Castillo, who is obviously important to the project, is an ally of El Chapo more than likely indicate that conclusion, at least.

We don’t know any more about the biopic as of yet, but it looks like it’s shaping up to be something pretty exciting.

[Featured image by Charles Reed/U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement via Getty Images]

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