Watch Giraffe Cam Live Streaming Online And Get Latest Updates On April [Video]

As of Feb. 27, 2017, April the giraffe is still pregnant, yet showing signs she is about to give birth to a calf imminently. You may join millions across the globe who have tuned into this exciting event and watch the live streaming giraffe cam in the video player above. April the giraffe lives at the Animal Adventure Park, located in Harpursville, New York, and is one of many animals that are currently having babies at the educational zoo. April has not entered active labor yet but according to updates from the site, could go into labor at any moment.

Animal Adventure Park provides two official updates daily, and many staff members interact with fans of the live stream through their official Facebook page. Updates are issued in the morning and evening. There were three updates posted on Feb. 26, 2017, as the zoo’s staff temporarily added chat to their YouTube stream to answer viewers’ questions. Here are three posts providing updates. One of the updates includes a Trump impression and reads as follows.

“2/26 Evening Update:

The watch continues. April was notably less tolerant of veterinary examination today; her behavior suggesting her not as willing to be as vulnerable to touch, but Always a lady, she kept her manners. Continued increase in belly movement and backend swell remains the same.

Appetite remains and suggest[sic] we perhaps have a little bit more time; though she could surprise us at any moment.

Tomorrow will yield warmer temperatures and yard time for both Oliver and April.

April would like to thank mr president for her nomination to secretary of labor, as she is rather experienced, however will have to decline to appointment due to her hooves being full at the moment.

In all seriousness – active labor is not yet present – but we will surely tell you when it is!”

As you can see, the Animal Adventure Park is not saying that April the giraffe is in labor, only that they expect a baby very soon. There is a possibility that April could go another week or two or even more. They do not have an exact due date for April. Those who are watching the live stream continually might want to set up notifications so they’ll be alerted once April the giraffe goes into labor. Once hooves are seen, the Animal Adventure Park Facebook page will begin live streaming the birth from their site.

Since the giraffe cam went viral, there have been numerous fake websites, YouTube streams and even Go Fund Me donation pages that have arisen in order to profit from the cam. You can tell the official live stream from fake sites because the official site has removed chat. Many of the fake sites have active chat rooms where people are talking. The Animal Adventure Park asks that those who come across fake sites report them to the proper channels at once. If you have concerns regarding whether a link is official or not, check the Facebook page. Never donate money to a site if you are unsure whether it is legitimate or not.

Fake sites have reported all manner of falsehoods regarding April the giraffe and her mate Oliver. One common lie spreading is that April has had a previous stillborn calf. This is not true. April has had three calves previously and all have been healthy. The zoo doesn’t keep April’s and Ollie’s calves and once the new calf is weaned, it will be rehomed. Though the baby will be placed in a new home, there will be a contest to select a name for the baby. Are you still watching April the giraffe live streaming online?

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