The 10 Deadliest Jobs In The United States

Last year nearly 5,000 workers were killed while on the job. Although working to protect the public as a police officer or firefighter may be considered among the most dangerous jobs in the country, there are a host of other careers that pose physical risk as well. The study revealed that forestry, agriculture, hunting, and fishing industries are among the deadliest career options.

In 2011, an average of 3.5 fatal work injuries occurred per every 100,000 full-time employees, according a CNBC report. The number of workers killed while on the clock diminished by .1 percent from 2010, The Blaze notes. The CNBC reports based its results on data shared by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The report also notes that injuries and other forms of violence caused by both animals and people accounted for 780 of the fatalities. In the 458 homicides and 242 suicides, shootings were the most frequent manner of death. A total of 37 of the worker deaths were either insect or animal related.

Taxi drivers and chauffeurs ranked at the tenth deadliest careers in the CNBC study. A total of 63 fatal works injuries have reportedly occurred in the transportation service industry. Electrical power line installers and repairers came in at ninth on the list with a total of 27 fatal job-related deaths.

Driver sales workers and truck drivers came in at slot eight on the deadliest careers list. A total of 759 death of such workers have reportedly occurred. Farmers, ranchers, and other agricultural workers were ranked in the seventh spot on the most deadly careers list. A total of 260 such employees have been fatally injured while on the job.

Iron and steel workers ranked sixth on the deadliest jobs list. A total of 16 deaths have occurred in the industry. Fatal slips, falls, or trips have accounted for 14 percent of worker deaths across the board. A total of 56 roofers were killed while attempting to earn a paycheck, placing them fifth on the deadliest jobs list.

Refuse and recyclable metal collectors ranked fourth on the list. A total of 34 workers were killed while at work. According to the report, 119 deaths resulted from employees getting caught in running equipment or machinery in 2011.

Aircraft pilots and flight engineers came in third on the deadliest careers list with a total of 72 work fatalities. Logging workers rank second on the most dangerous jobs scale with 63 reported employee fatalities. Fishermen and fishing industry workers are in the most potentially deadly profession, based on the statistics posted in the report. A total of 40 employee fatalities were reported. The fatal work injury rate amounts to 121.2 deaths per every 100,000 employees.

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