Trader Joe’s Recalls Apple Sauce Product

On Sunday, Feb. 26, Trader Joe’s grocery store issued a voluntary recall on three types of apple sauce because it could contain glass.

According to a company news release, Trader Joe’s is recalling Trader Joe’s First Crush Unsweetened Gravenstein Apple Sauce (barcode 00015905) and Trader Joe’s Organic Unsweetened Apple Sauce (barcode 00194877) from all Trader Joe’s locations.

Trader Joe’s All Natural Unsweetened Apple Sauce is being recalled in Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Louisiana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas, Utah, and Washington.

“If you purchased any of these Unsweetened Apple Sauce products with the affected codes, please do not eat it,” the company said. “We urge you to discard the product or return it to any Trader Joe’s for a full refund.”

All potentially affected products have been pulled from store shelves and destroyed as a part of the voluntary recall.

Trader Joe’s Product Recalls 2017:

On Jan. 23, Trader Joe’s issued a statement recalling Sierra Nevada Beer. According to Sierra Nevada Brewery, certain varieties of their 12-ounce bottles throughout southern, eastern, and midwestern states were reported to contain small pieces of glass due to a packaging flaw causing glass to break off and fall into the bottles.

“This recall comes after quality inspections at our Mills River, North Carolina, brewery detected a very limited number of bottles with a flaw that may result in loss of carbonation and a small piece of glass to break off and possibly fall into the bottle, causing a risk for injury,” Sierra Nevada Brewing company said in a statement.

“While we believe this concern impacts roughly one in every 10,000 (0.01 percent) of our bottles packaged during this time, Sierra Nevada has set the standard for quality in the craft brewing industry since 1980 and we have decided to take this precaution to ensure the safety of our consumers.”

Bottles affected by the recall included Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Torpedo Extra IPA, Tropical Torpedo, Sidecar Orange Pale Ale, Beer Camp Golden IPA, Otra Vez, Nooner, and Hop Hunter IPA.

On Jan. 22, Trader Joe’s was alerted of a voluntary recall from its supplier Trader Joe’s Harvest Whole Wheat Bread (barcode 00132) because it may contain undeclared uncultured whey, which is made from milk – putting customers with an allergy or severe sensitivity to milk at risk of a serious, or even life-threatening, allergic reaction.

According to a company news release, the recall affected products with the date codes “Best by: 1/08/17” through “01/27/17” sold in Nevada, Arizona, California, New Mexico, and Utah.

“Customers with milk allergy concerns who have purchased this product with the BEST BY codes of 01/08/17 through 01/27/17 are urged not to eat it,” the company said. “Please discard it or bring it into any Trader Joe’s store for a full refund.

All product was removed from sale upon the discovery that the affected codes received the incorrect packaging, which does not list cultured whey in its ingredients.

Trader Joe’s Product Recalls December 2016:

Last December, Trader Joe’s was alerted of a voluntary recall from its hummus supplier that affected Trader Joe’s Mediterranean Hummus (barcode 90642) and Trader Joe’s White Bean & Basil Hummus (barcode 91107) products with the “use by” dates up through and including “12/15/16” and plant identification code “C” due to a Listeria monocytogenes contamination.

Listeria monocytogenes, according to the FDA, is an organism that can cause serious, and sometimes fatal, infections in young children, frail, or elderly people, and others with weakened immune systems.

Short-term symptoms include, high fever, severe headaches, stiffness, nausea, abdominal pain, and diarrhea. Listeria infection can also cause stillbirths and miscarriages among pregnant women.

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