‘The Flash’: Gorilla Grodd Invasion Of Central City — What We Can Expect?

The Flash Gorilla Grodd episode of last week was one of the best of the entire season. Not only were fans fancifully satisfied with the reappearance of Gorilla Grodd himself, the special effects and fight scenes were especially effective. But this week’s upcoming episode entitled “Invasion of Central City” promises to be even better. In this second part follow-up to the previous episode, Gorilla Grodd attacks Earth 1 and team Flash Has to stop him.

As happens all too often in a The Flash episode, the team initially thought it had dealt with the troublesome villain of the episode and safely escaped back home with the rescued Earth 2 version of Harrison Wells. But as it turned out, in the closing epilogue scene, Gorilla Grodd had – as might be expected – a Plan B if his Plan A went south. And it did.

As noted by Forbes, in last week’s episode we see Cynthia Reynolds – aka “Gypsy” – standing before Grodd on his newly obtained thrown. Gypsy hails from yet another alternate reality, and appeared in a previous episode of the Flash. Recall that Gypsy – like Cisco – has the ability to vibe between parallel universes, and traveled in the prior episode to Earth 1 to bring back the fugitive Harrison Wells, who had apparently traveled to Earth 1 in violation of the law.

From her stance and blank look, it’s fairly clear that Grodd has used his telepathic abilities to control her – and her abilities. And this is how Grodd will be able to launch the invasion of Earth after all.

In last week’s episode, he had planned to use Cisco for this purpose, but that didn’t quite work out thanks to Team Flash. Of course, this represents a bit of a plot hole for the show that – hopefully – they will address in the upcoming episode. After all, if he had Gypsy, why did he need to lure the Flash and Cisco to Gorilla City at all?

Unfortunately, the writers may not have noticed this flaw in the story, in which case we’ll just have to live with the in congruity in the plot. It’s hardly the first mistake like this the Berlanti universe has made. Last year on Arrow, they had the Flash zoom into a cemetery at a time when the Flash on his own show had no powers.

But embracing suspension of disbelief, what can we expect from the sequel to last week’s episode? Hopefully, more of the unusually impressive CGI effects that we saw last week in the Gorilla City Coliseum. The battle between the Flash and Solovar was almost worthy of the big screen.

On the other hand, the Flash’s budget for these kinds of CGI effects isn’t unlimited. The show may have to settled for just showing Grodd up close, with the rest of his army being far away and blurry.

Of course, the character of Solovar was very different than he is in the comic books or DC animation. His animosity toward human beings and general cruelty don’t exist in previous versions of the character.

Also, neither he or Grodd are quite as strong in the comic books. Certainly, he can’t slam a spear into the ground and create a Hulk style shock-wave like he generated against the Flash here.

Still, it was an amazing episode. But with a full gorilla army now – apparently – crossing over to Earth 1 and Central City, we can hope for an even bigger and better spectacle. Plus, instead of just the Flash himself speeding around fighting bad guys, this The Flash episode will include Wally and Jesse as well. With Cisco – and maybe even Caitin joining in – it should be a major-league battle for control of Central City.

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