‘The Flash’ Season 2 Coming Soon: Gorilla Grodd’s ‘King Kong’ Return, Wally West Appearance Explained, Dr. Light And Hawkgirl On The Way

The Flash season 2, while bringing a whole slew of new characters and Earths, is also slated to be continuing character plots from season 1. The spoilers are coming! The spoilers are coming!

The Flash season 1 briefly introduced the Flash comics villain Gorilla Grodd and killed him, but for any fan that has completed season one knows, Grodd is not dead. In fact, season 1 ended with him climbing up a building. The Flash season 2 appears to be expanding on the King Kong-like idea, as executive producer Andrew Kresiberg explains that Gorilla Grodd’s season 2 return will see Caitlin Snow play “Fay Wray to Grodd’s Kong,” Comicbook reports.

Fay Wray being King Kong’s love interest, whom he carried up a building in the famous scene from the classic black and white King Kong film.

King Kong and Fay Wray
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Though season 1 merely verbally discussed that Grodd had become attached to Cisco, Caitlyn, and Dr. Harrison Wells, season 2 is going to expand on Caitlyn’s relationship with him. Thus, bringing the King Kong-like return Kreisberg speaks of, and Danielle Panabaker(Caitlyn Snow) details.

“In season 1, you got to see a tiny bit of her relationship of Grodd. You’ll get to see a little bit more of that and understand their connection from before. He’s got some unfinished business with her, I’d say.”

Interestingly enough, only Caitlyn’s relationship has been mentioned at this point for The Flash season 2, but anyone who is up to date knows that Dr. Harrison Wells has returned. Well, at least, Earth-2 Dr. Harrison Wells. There are still many more characters to come in this season. Kreisberg also addressed the hinting at of yet another Flash that hasn’t been introduced in CW’s The Flash just yet. Wally West was hinted at in the last episode, as Francine West mentioned that she had a son. Flash executive producer confirmed that it is in fact Wally West, another future Flash, also known in some universes as Kid Flash.

“We sort of had this idea, just like with any of the shows that we do, we kind of have these ideas in the previous season. We always knew we were leading up to this. We always hated on TV shows where it’s year two and somebody’s, ‘Well, Cousin John’s coming,’ and it’s like, ‘Oh, good old Cousin John,’ who no one ever mentioned before. It was weird, the notion that they don’t know Wally, and that was sort of where it came from. That was the idea that Francine was still alive and then that whole storyline.”

The Flash, in the DC Comics world, saw Wally West as Iris West’s cousin. So, instead, Wally West will be Iris West’s long lost brother. To make matters worse, Iris will be hiding the fact that Wally exists, but it does not mean that the third Flash will be a secret for long.

“Iris is now in the position that Barry was in last season year. She is keeping a secret to protect somebody. She’s going to find that for all of her anger at Barry and Joe from last year, keeping this secret is not going to be so easy. It’s going to be weighing on her before she finally decides to take some action in an upcoming episode.”

Tom Cavanagh as Harrisson Wells
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The Flash season 2 has already brought in the new Firestorm that will be part of the upcoming CW/DC show Legends of Tomorrow, Hawkgirl and some others have yet to be introduced. As Inquisitr reported in August, Dr. Light will be joining Hawkgirl on The Flash for the upcoming episode. In DC Comics version of The Flash, Dr. Light was a villain, whereas the CW version has a superhero Dr. Light who be dropping in from Earth-2. Hawkgirl will be making an appearance, but so far, it doesn’t appear that she will don her costume.

The Flash season 1 finale also had a brief appearance of the future Hawkgirl as one of the many onlookers during the singularity opening.

[Image via King Kong| Public Domain/Wikimedia Commons|Cropped and Resized]

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