Fans Want Alec Baldwin To Play Trump At White House Correspondent’s Dinner

Yesterday, Donald Trump announced on Twitter that he will be breaking tradition by skipping the House Correspondent’s Dinner; now fans want Alec Baldwin to fill his shoes at the event. Participation at the annual, lighthearted event isn’t mandatory for a POTUS. That being said, not a single one has missed in decades, with the last occurrence involving Ronald Reagan in 1981.

Of course, Reagan was recovering from a gunshot wound, having just survived an assassination attempt at the hands of John Hinckley.

As the Independent reported, Trump is suffering no such potentially mortal injury. In fact, Donald Trump gave no explanation for skipping the event when he unceremoniously used social media to announce he wouldn’t be going. He simply said he won’t be coming and wished the attendees well.

The nearly unprecedented move by Trump has prompted some Americans, primarily Alec Baldwin fans, to begin formulating a plot to get a pseudo Trump at the event. An event where the host and other attendees (always high-ranking media personalities) make fun of the POTUS and everybody has a good laugh at the expense of the Commander in Chief. Almost immediately after Trump announced he’d be breaking tradition, actor and comedian Zach Braff tapped Alec Baldwin to play the role of Trump at the April 29 dinner.

If you’ve been living under a rock, Alec Baldwin has been playing Trump on SNL for weeks now, driving the show’s ratings to their highest level in years. And routinely infuriating the newly inaugurated President with spot-on portrayals and a lot of harsh, no-love-lost mockery.

Trump has even personally taken to Twitter to lambaste SNL for Alec Baldwin’s take no prisoners approach.

Immediately after (or possibly at exactly the same time in a form of collective consciousness) Zack Braff shared his idea of a POTUS Alec Baldwin at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner, Alec Baldwin fans the country over took to Twitter to lend their support to the idea of Baldwin replacing Trump at the event.

Some even accused Trump of “chickening out” of making an appearance at the dinner. Of course, the president is often roasted for hours on end at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner – by members of the media. Given Trump’s contentious relationship with the press, it’s not a shocker that he might not want to be on the receiving end of some scathing commentary.

Trump’s announcement (via Twitter, one of his favorite communication mediums both before and after his inauguration) that he is skipping the dinner came just one day after his administration took another unprecedented move against the American free press. As the Washington Post reported, on Friday, Donald Trump and his team barred CNN, Politico,Buzzfeed, and The New York Times(among other media outlets) from attending a non-televised press briefing known as a “gaggle.” Conservative news outlets, including Fox News and the controversial Breitbart were granted admission to the briefing.

Earlier the same day, Trump spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), denouncing much of the media and calling reporters “fake” and “dishonest,” criticizing the use of anonymous sources and the “unfairness” of the media’s treatment of the Trump administration.

That Trump may want to avoid a direct roast by the very same people he’s been discrediting for weeks now isn’t altogether a surprise, but the fact that he opted to unceremoniously bail on the White House Correspondent’s Dinner has many calling foul. And calling on Alec Baldwin to make everything better.

It is unclear if Alec Baldwin will be able to pull off his SNL Trump role at the dinner, but fans are hopeful that the actor-turned-Trump-impersonator will be willing to give it a try. Since last year’s controversial and combative election cycle, Alec Baldwin’s Trump character has become a pop culture icon.

So far, Trump has declined to elaborate further on ditching the upcoming White House Correspondent’s Dinner, and Alec Baldwin has yet to respond to the requests to take his SNL character on the road. However, if anyone can make it tougher for Trump to avoid the event than show his face, it’s Alec Baldwin, who is no fan of the new POTUS.

[Featured Image by D Dipasupil/Getty Images]