Madonna: Is Alleged Controversy Over Her Adoption ‘Fake News’?

Madonna recently adopted two twin girls from Malawi. USA Today was one of the first sources that broke the news.

“Madonna got approval to adopt two more children from Malawi but only after she was asked ‘uncomfortable questions’ by a judge in the southern African country, according to a court document obtained Wednesday by The Associated Press.”

The article adds that Madonna satisfied the court’s requirements because she is motivated by her desire to offer a home, love, protection, and guidance. As predicted, some tabloids, such as The Daily Mail — a source that has been banned from Wikipedia for creating false stories, went after Madonna and tried to create controversy.

‘The Daily Mail’ has been accused of promoting sensational articles on Madonna several times over the years. [Image by Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images]

Despite court transcripts showing that the father of the twins being fully explained the details of what the adoption means, the Daily Mail posted an article last weekend that said the twins’ birth father, Adam Mwale, says he didn’t realize the adoption was permanent.

“The father of the African twins Madonna is adopting claims he was misled into believing their move to the US would not be permanent. In an exclusive interview with The Mail on Sunday, Adam Mwale reacted with disbelief after being told that his four-year-old daughters Esther and Stella have been taken away from Malawi forever.”

The article adds that the father thought Madonna would just educate the kids, who would come back to Malawi and take care of the whole family. Plenty of people in the comments section were suspicious about the claims.

“They were in an orphanage, not at home with him in a loving family. He wants them to be educated and then sent back to him? To do what? Work on his farm?” asks LV.

“Here’s a man who suddenly realises he may be able to extort some money from this story. He showed no interest in those girls once their mother died, signed them over to a better life in America and then finds out their new mother is a millionaire. Rubs hands together but not to keep warm this time!” says Ghills.

A lot of the commenters seem to think that the Daily Mail fabricated the story to produce page clicks, or they paid the man to say he wasn’t aware of what the adoption meant. According to Nyasa Times, a major official in Malawi claims the father definitely was informed.

Madonna filed the paperwork for her adoption days after the Women’s March. [Image by Wargo/Getty Images]

“However, Judiciary spokesperson Mlenga Mvula said the adoption of the children were irreversible. ‘The process was done after wide consultations. The ministry of Gender, Women and Children Affairs through their welfare officers were involved,’ Mvula said. He said Mwale was duly briefed on what the adoption was all about.”

Mvula stressed that if the adoption was done behind his back, the court would not have granted the order. Madonna hasn’t commented on the controversy but has posted various pictures that include the two girls. One post included her other two adopted children, David and Mercy.

In a post from Saturday, Madonna posted a picture of herself playing with her two new daughters.

There are some who have accused Madonna of exploiting the twins by putting them on Instagram, especially since the two girls didn’t ask to have their photos broadcast to the world. However, Madonna may have another reason for showing their pictures. Back in 1998, the Queen of Pop revealed that she posed for pictures with her one-year-old daughter Lourdes because it would keep the paparazzi away since the world will already have seen pictures.

What do you think of Madonna’s adoption? Do you think the alleged controversy over the twins’ father is “fake news”? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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