Hillary Beat Trump? New Website Has Trump Fans Outraged, Says Clinton Now Prez

With polls showing that record numbers of Americans disapprove of the Donald Trump presidency, a new website offers Hillary Clinton supporters “news” from a “what if” world in which Clinton defeated Trump to become the 45th president of the United States in last November’s election.

Now that site, titled HillaryBeatTrump.org, has fans of the former reality TV star who actually now holds the office livid with outrage. The site’s motto reads, “News from the real America, where the majority rules.”

While conservatives have condemned the “Hillary Beat Trump” site as “fake news,” the site’s founder told the Washington Post on Saturday that the site is satire, deliberately intended to get under the skin of Trump supporters who do not enjoy being reminded of the fact that Clinton defeated Trump in the popular vote by a record 2.8 million — most ever for a candidate who did not win the presidency. Trump, of course, captured the White House by winning enough states, some by margins of under 1 percent, to take a majority of Electoral College votes.

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A new website that pretends Hillary Clinton beat Donald Trump has Trump fans upset. (Image by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

“I don’t think anyone can accuse me of misinforming the public en masse or undermining the collective intelligence of public’s political discourse by writing fake news that is so obviously satire,” the site’s founder told the Post.

The Hillary Beat Trump site can be accessed by clicking on this link.

The site features such satirical “news” stories as “Hillary Clinton’s approval rating falls to 79 percent” and “Rush Limbaugh impregnates Tomi Lahren, demands abortion,” as well as “God confesses he’s a Hillary supporter in latest revelation,” among dozens of other similar articles that have been posted since the site went online in mid-January.

The HillaryBeatTrump.org founder chose not to reveal her name, according to the Post, in order to avoid becoming the target of online or even “real world” harassment by Trump fans. But she did share a sampling of emails that she has received from Trump supporters who apparently cannot stop clicking on the satirical “alternate reality” site whose online mission statement declares, “In the midst of a Constitutional crisis, this is our response. Long live the true president, Hillary Rodham Clinton.”

“You can always find your paradise in heaven,” one email revealed to The Post read. “Its (sic) just one bullet away.”

“Your dad must have abused you while mom watched, right? YES Liberalism IS A METAL DISORDER and YOU ARE POOF!” another Trump fan wrote.

“I know in your fake world she won but in the real world she did not. To the people who made this Web page go get a real job like the rest of real Americans,” said a third email turned over by the site’s founder.

Sample headlines from the satirical "news" site which presents a world where Hillary Clinton is now president. (Image via HillaryBeatTrump.org)

The site has been slammed by conservative news outlets such as Fox News, who called it “fake news,” and The Daily Caller, which said, “Fake News Site Lets Liberals Live In Alternate Reality Where Hillary Is President.”

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The unhinged outrage from Trump fans, however, is exactly what the site’s founder — described as a “30-year-old East Coast writer” — expected, and even desired.

“I wanted it to be a joyful middle finger,” she told Post reporter Peter Holley.

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