‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Liv Planning GH Bomb As Ultimate Revenge?

Belynda Gates Turner - Author

Feb. 25 2017, Updated 1:58 p.m. ET

General Hospital spoilers and rumors are churning overtime on how Liv Jerome (Tonja Walker) will exit the ABC soap. One website has proposed what seems to be a preposterous climax to the resurrected Jerome mob moll’s story on General Hospital. Will Liv blow up General Hospital or is it a silly rumor?

General Hospital actress Tonja Walker confirmed she’s done at the soap in mid-March but also that she wants to come back, indicating she doesn’t die in a permanent fashion. Death on any soap is a fuzzy thing but particularly on General Hospital. Could Liv go boom if she sets a bomb? Maybe.

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Bomb Or Bust?

It may just be a General Hospital rumor that Liv Jerome sets a bomb to blow General Hospital sky high, but it’s also plausible given her history. Liv blew up her brother Julian Jerome’s (William deVry) car intending to make him go boom, but she missed the mark and killed Morgan Corinthos (Bryan Craig) instead.

There’s also the fact that Liv spent years in exile in China where gunpowder, fireworks, and explosives were invented. Liv’s past before returning to General Hospital shows she may have some tendencies as a mad bomber. Given that Liv already set one bomb, a second isn’t out of the question.

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Why Blow Up General Hospital?

Another lingering question is why Liv Jerome wants to see General Hospital torn down and replaced with condos. It’s much easier to understand her grudges against the people of Port Charles than her issue with the building of General Hospital itself. Why does Liv want to see it meet a wrecking ball?

Two deaths could be the answer. Liv “died” at General Hospital back in the ’90s and her beloved Duke Lavery (Ian Buchanan) met his maker there just last year after her brother Julian had Carlos Rivera (Jeffrey Vincent Parise) shoot him. Carlos also met his violent end and passed away at General Hospital.

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Bad Memories Or Madness?

Would these two deaths be enough to entice Liv Jerome to bomb General Hospital? She said she didn’t want to hurt Sam Morgan (Kelly Monaco) or her baby, but then Liv practically threw Sam off the bridge and down into a slope sided pit. That’s not the act of someone with much respect for life.

Liv also doesn’t care that she blew up Morgan and is also ready to let her little sister Ava Jerome (Maura West) go down for that bombing. If Liv does decide to blow up General Hospital, is it because she and Duke both died there or is it just because she’s totally and completely criminally insane?

How Will Liv Exit General Hospital?

Liv has about three weeks left in Port Charles according to General Hospital actress Tonja Walker. That’s plenty of time to wreak havoc. General Hospital spoilers from ABC Soaps in Depth promise one death before Liv leaves our small screens, but will Liv die or is it to be one of her many enemies?

If Liv does decide to set a bomb to blow up General Hospital, she could go boom from her own handiwork and bodies are never found after bombs (hello, Morgan?). Or Liv could be gunned down by Julian, Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard), or Jason Morgan (Billy Miller). Most everyone wants her dead.

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Is The GH Bomb A Rumor Or Spoiler?

There have been no official General Hospital spoilers about Liv setting a bomb at GH. Any talk of a bomb striking General Hospital is strictly speculation and rumor – not a spoiler. Don’t start evacuating General Hospital just yet, but it’s not outside the realm of possibility since Liv likes bombs.

But even if Liv does set a bomb at General Hospital to take out the building she hates and her enemies, it seems ludicrous that the bomb would detonate. But it would be a gripping piece of drama to have a race to defuse a bomb as it ticks down to blow up the venerated building that gives the soap its name.

No matter how Liv Jerome exits GH, she has lots of story yet to play according to the latest General Hospital spoilers.

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