Transgender Model Isis King To Caitlyn Jenner: ‘We Do Not Need You To Save Us’

Caitlyn Jenner famously rallied for Republicans during the 2016 presidential election, only to find out after Donald Trump won that they probably don’t have her best interests in mind. After it was recently announced that Trump would be working to overturn the Obama-era transgender bathroom protection for students in public schools, she spoke out against the current POTUS. That led to transgender model Isis King taking shots at Jenner in an open letter posted to Twitter.

Isis King was the first transgender model to compete on America’s Next Top Model during cycle 11 of the reality show contest. Since gracing the ANTM runways, Isis has become one of the most visible transgender women when it comes to TV coverage, possibly only outshined by Caitlyn Jenner and Laverne Cox.

During the recent election, Caitlyn Jenner continued to side with the Republicans even though it was the first time since her transition that she got to vote for a president. Initially, Jenner backed Ted Cruz despite a very conservative platform that offered the opposite of support for the LGBT community.

When Cruz bowed out of the race and it came down to Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump, Caitlyn Jenner sided with Trump and stayed true to her Republican leanings. She continued to tout the Republican values as far as business was concerned, ignoring the fact that they weren’t supportive of LGBT people in general. Apparently, Caitlyn believed she could be the bridge between conservatives and the transgender community but recently, she learned that was not the case.

After it was announced that Donald Trump’s current administration was working to reverse protections for transgender children in public schools, finally Caitlyn spoke out and posted a message on Twitter for Donald Trump after he turned his back on the transgender community.

“I have a message for President Trump,” Caitlyn said in the video. “From one Republican to another, this is a disaster, and you can still fix it. You made a promise to protect the LGBTQ community. Call me.”

It looks like Caitlyn Jenner still thinks she can reason with Republicans and specifically with Donald Trump over the transgender bathroom legislation that has caused such an uproar in recent days. However, many members of the LGBT community don’t really want Caitlyn doing their bidding anymore. After all, she did push for Republicans to win the election and voted for them herself.

That’s where Isis King comes in. The popular transgender model also posted an open letter on Twitter, this time directed at Caitlyn Jenner. Isis claims to have had an encounter with Jenner already that left a bad taste in her mouth. She claims that back in October during the TransNation Queen USA Pageant, she was not only ignored by Caitlyn, but she was also cut off while waiting for an elevator so that Jenner and her team could take one alone.

In her open letter to Caitlyn Jenner, Isis King retold the story about the experience at the TransNation Queen USA Pageant and she also explained why she was telling it now. Rather than looking for fame or headlines, Isis said she retold what happened to her because of the way Caitlyn just tweeted out to Trump to call her so they can talk about trans issues as if her voice really was going to make a difference and get some changes going through the typically religious and ultra-conservative Republican base that is currently running this country.

According to Isis, Caitlyn is too white and too rich to advocate for the trans community. She doesn’t actually have to deal with the discrimination and bullying on a level that others have experienced and she can’t even understand what many in the community are going through.

As Isis King so powerfully pointed out to Caitlyn Jenner in the open letter on Twitter, “I have seen how you treated me. We do not need you to save us.”

[Featured Image by Scott Roth/Invision/AP Images]