Claims Johnny Depp Pursuing Daisy Ridley Denied [Debunked]

Johnny Depp has been making headlines constantly, and despite the excitement over the latest installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise set for the big screen, within which Depp stars as beloved Jack Sparrow, the headlines are focused on more negative matters.

Unfortunately the bad press did not end with his dramatic divorce from Amber Heard and her allegations of domestic violence against the Depp. In addition, the divorce settlement was followed by news that Johnny Depp is in financial ruin, and the star has launched a lawsuit against his former managers at TMG, accusing the managers who were responsible for managing the star’s finances over the years of mismanaging his fortune.

However, the management company fired back with allegations of their own, revealing Depp’s supposed spending habits in court documents, which became known to the masses via media reports. Johnny Depp is now reportedly behind by millions on taxes and was spending his wealth at an alarming rate, according to TMG’s legal team.

CNBC notes words of the company’s team of lawyers regarding Depp’s accusations.

“‘Johnny Depp alone was solely responsible for his extravagant spending,’ said Michael Kump of Kinsella Weitzman Iser Kump & Aldisert on behalf of The Management Group. ‘TMG worked day and night to professionally manage Depp’s business affairs, adhering to the highest standards.'”

Depp has countered via his own team who state that the management company is simply deflecting their own wrongdoing and the star is still going ahead with the lawsuit due to the firm having failed to file and pay the star’s taxes on time. This error has resulted in Johnny now owing over $5.6 million in fines as well as interest on federal returns.

Depp also claims that “the firm paid itself more than $28 million in contingency fees without any written agreement. Depp is calling for compensatory damages of more than $25 million, as well as other demands,” as the publication states.

In addition to the star’s financial woes, tabloids have drummed up new claims involving the star’s love life, stating that Depp has been trying to win over Daisy Ridley, his co-star in the remake of Murder on the Orient Express, which the two are filming.

Gossip Cop relays the false claim that has been fabricated by Star magazine.

“According to Star, the actor has developed a crush on his co-star while filming the upcoming Murder on the Orient Express remake, but Ridley isn’t interested. A so-called’ ‘source’ tells the magazine, ‘Daisy’s in a tough spot. She clearly thinks the world of Johnny as an actor, but simply isn’t interested in pursuing a romance with him.'”

It seems that the tabloid was seeking to portray Depp in an even worse light while he is experiencing a trying time at the moment, by making it seem as if he is desperate for affection and unattractive to the actress.

The dubious source commenting on the supposed affection Depp has for Ridley goes on to state that Ridley, who is already in a relationship, has shared that the abuse claims against Depp by Amber Heard have factored into her decision to not pursue anything with the actor.

“‘He isn’t accustomed to being turned down, especially by a younger actress,’ adds the tabloid’s questionable source. ‘Johnny’s convinced that if he cleans up his act, Daisy might change her mind.'”

GC has uncovered the truth on the matter and not surprisingly determined that the story published by Star is entirely false and reminds that the tabloid has been guilty of cooking up false stories about Depp in the past such as the story that was circulated claiming Johnny had gotten plastic surgery to cope with his split from Amber Heard.

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