‘Stranger Things’ Season 2 Bigger And More Terrifying: What We Know So Far

Stranger Things kids cast

Stranger Things Season 2 is set to come out in October, and apart from David Harbor saying that they’re “completely terrified,” here are some things we know about the beloved Netflix series.

David recently told TV Guide that the cast and crew members are feeling the pressure after the pilot season’s success. He said everyone is determined to make the new season better than the first.

“I got the script for the first episode of Season 2 and within the first five minutes I was on my feet going like, ‘Yes! Yes!’ If we do our jobs, I feel like we have a really exciting season ahead of us,” he said.

The return of Eleven

Stranger Things Season 2 will begin with Mike still mourning the “death” of Eleven after sacrificing herself to save them from the Demagorgon. However, everyone knows as well that Sheriff Hopper did not leave that egg waffle for some random predator in the woods.

In the first season, viewers got the chance to see what Eleven’s capable of. The new episodes will show more of her story and perhaps, a reunion with her distraught mother?

Barb will sadly remain dead regardless of how bad viewers felt about her fate.

Stranger Things Barb and Nancy

Will’s struggles

As much as he tries to look fine, burping up that slug and seeing things from the Upside Down reveal that Will’s psyche is far from okay. Who can help him overcome his terrifying experience in the parallel dimension? The new episode “The Boy Who Came Back to Life” might just answer this.

Sheriff Hopper’s attempt to conceal Upside Down

Just like Joyce, Sheriff Hopper wants to live normally after their supernatural misadventures. David told the Entertainment Weekly that his character’s “struggling with the compromise that takes him to, having to lie and cover things up.” He teased that Hopper’s arc in the new season will be “rich” and “compelling.”

A new sheriff to help hide last season’s supernatural tale

Dr. Owens will arrive in Hawkins to help prevent the town from knowing about last season’s frightening mess. However, it remains unknown if the sheriff has good motives or if he’s merely a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Joyce finding love again

She deserves to be happy after almost losing Will. Her new love is reportedly a former classmate named Bob who could be a “good father figure” to the boys.

A new friend and a new bully?

Stepsiblings Max and Billy are the new kids on the block. While Max will get along with the boys, the same thing cannot be immediately said about her older brother.

Dustin’s strange pet

The sixth episode is titled “The Pollywog” which is about Dustin’s new pet that is “obviously not from this planet or this dimension.” It’s interesting to see how Dustin ended up acquiring his new friend.

The modified episode titles

When the producers released the new episodes’ titles, fans were quick to formulate speculations. This prompted the Duffer brothers to announce that some of the episodes would be altered.

Stranger Things cast

The team even met up with the people behind Game of Thrones to ask for help on preventing leaks. Executive producer Shawn Levy said that last season, Stranger Things did not have security protocols, but when the fan base became extensive, the team needed to act to “protect every story point, every page of every script.”

Millie Bobby Brown revealed that they now use code names for the characters – a strategy which the Game of Thrones team is fond of.

Stranger Things was previously nominated for two Writers Guild Awards. The show’s second season premieres on October 31.

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